📅31 December 2012
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PRESS RELEASE –  GTA TeleGuam 2012 Holiday TipOFF tournament concluded its 13 days of non-stop varsity division games at Tamuning Gym on December 30 closing out the year with a triumph for several teams.

“Overall the games were highly competitive with unexpected upsets for teams favored to finish on top. Teams experiencing tough losses and hard earned wins was seen throughout the 13 days of games giving the fans a preview of what to expect for the 2013 basketball season on Guam,” stated tournament coordinator Elsa Ulloa.

14 under varsity division;

Island Draggons took the win against the JR Kings 48-39 to claim the championship title. Juan King Jr. with the JR Kings was named the division MVP and all offensive player with a total 141 points averaging 12.82 per game. Dragons Austin Blaz was named all defensive player.

18 under varsity division;

 Tamuning Typhoons I defeated it’s brother team Tamuning Typhoons II to claim the championship 73-41. Typhoons I  received the top individual awards naming Rashaun Blas MVP, Sam Setik all defensive player and twin brother Sammy Setik all offensive player with a total of 216 points averaging 21.60 per game.

18 plus varsity division;

Dr. Ha Tooth Fairies won its first championship title against Team Defenders 86-65. Defenders BJ Endsley was named MVP and Fairies Vince Estella was named the all defensive player. Tamuning Typhoons Joe Blas was named all offensive player for the second year scoring a total of 233 points averaging 23.30 per game.

Visit for official tournament results and photo gallery of winners.

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