📅01 October 2012
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Team Fire’s Otis Campbell is sandwiched between Tamuning Typhoons Brian Hahn from behind and Joel Balbaestro #20 in the front on at Tamuning Gym on Sunday. Team Fire earned the win against the Typhoons 49-39. (courtesy photo)

PRESS RELEASE – Bud Light Golden Hoops Classic (GHC) 2012 Fall Tournament completed its fifth week of games on Sunday at Tamuning Gym ending the night with a three point buzzer win by Tamuning Typhoons Joel Punzalan against the Inarajan Hawks 56-55 in the 30 plus competitive division.

With 4.5 seconds left on the clock and the Hawks up by two points 55-53 a wide open Punzalan called for the ball in the corner on the inbound play, caught the pass and released the shot that found all net as the buzzer went off. A stunned Hawks team watched as the Typhoons celebrated the win.

Typhoons top scorers were Larry Packard Jr. with 13 points and Jon Pedersen with 12 points. Hawks JoeSteven Duenas scored 16 points and Joaquin Charfauros scored 11 points.

18 plus men’s varsity division

Team Heineken 80, Sixers Club 64: Heineken’s Joseph Blas scored a game high 34 points and Sixers Adam Lloyd scored 22 points.

Four Stars 37, GWC 34: Four Stars Gino Soulik scored 12 points and GWC’s Rey Sablan scored 11 points.

Inarajan Hawks 107, SPPC 76 Club 38: Hawks Dominic Sablan shot 12 of 12 from three-point land taking top scoring honors with 38 points. SPPC’s Aris Santiago scored 19 points in the loss.

Team Heineken 74, Andersen Defenders 62: Heineken’s Joseph Blas scored 31 points and Defenders Delleon West scored 18 points.

Tamuning Typhoons 60, Team IX Club 33: Typhoons big men Derrick Royster scored a game high 32 points followed by Pieerce Evangelista with 14 points. Team IX’s Fred Peters scored 12 points in the loss.

Bank of Guam Club 56, Malesso Rebels 33: Bank of Guam’s Cory Lorenzo scored 16 points and the Rebels Baaron Quinata scored 12 points.

40 plus men’s competitive division

Team Fire 49, Tamuning Typhoons 39: Top scorers were Team Fire Danny Cepeda with 27 points and Typhoons Joel Balbaestro with 11 points.

Team Fire’s Jesse Mateo #15 defends Tamuning Typhoons Brian Hahn #21 during a game at Tamuning Gym on Sunday. (courtesy photo)

Coed recreation division

Fuetsa Club 41, Ada’s Trust Club 30: Fuetsa’s Gino Perez scored 15 points and Ada’s Trust Nathan Ada scored eight points.

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