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Wilton Acta: two-time GML batting champion (’84 & ’99)

Name:Wilton Acta

Sport: Baseball

Occupation:  UC Director Toyota Dealership in New York

Playing Experience on Guam:1984 GCC, 1985 Miller Brewers, 86 – 90 AK Islanders, 91 AK-Connavmar-Exxon, 92 Exxon, 93 AK, 94-98 Pepsi Giants, 99 Continental Golden Jets…Won Batting title in 1984 at .491 and in 1999 at .431.

Acta and Vince San Nicolas representing Guam in the 1994 Micronesian Games (courtesy photo)

What do you remember most about Guam?:The friendliness of the people of Guam and golden era of Guam Major League.

What teammate helped you out the most and why?: The teammate that helped me the most was Peter Aguon. I was kind of a temperamental player, seeing how he went about his business on the field helped me focus more on the game and less on the crowd.

Who was the pitcher who challenged you the most?: The pitcher whom I had the most trouble against was John Leon Guerrero…lefty of the Agana Heights Cougars. John was a lefty pictcher as I was a lefty batter, he had a nice sweeping curvevall which I had a hard time hitting.

Jenny Acta and her son J’Manuel (Manny’s daughter and grandson), Anayma Acta (Manny’s youngest sister), Manny Acta and Wilton Acta. (courtesy photo)

So you got a famous relative with the Cleveland Indians. Tell us about it: My first cousin is currently managing the Cleveland Indians (Manny Acta). He was a coach of the Montreal Expos, NY Mets and got his first opportunity managing the Washington Nationals for two seasons. He is in his 3rd season with the Indians. Whenever I can I will drive seven hours to catch a few games in Cleveland.

Since I left Dominican Republic very young I didn’t share much childhood memories with him. I am about eight years older. We’ve become close since 2002 when we has named third base coach of the Expos and after that he lived here in NY while being third base coach of the Mets. He is a very intelligent and gifted young man. Not only does he hold one of the 30 most important jobs in MLB (in my opinion), but also a great human being. His foundation ImpACTA Kids has built baseball fields and a library in our hometown. And on a given Saturday you will see hundreds of kids playing in the Manny Acta Little League (in the Dominican Republic).

What are you doing in New York?: Been in NY for the past two years after spending 11 years in the Bay Area. I wanted to be closer to home (Dominican Republic), and to my daughter who lives in the area.

Plan to ever visit Guam again?: Of course, I would like to visit Guam soon. I would like to visit next summer since it will be 14 years since I left. Still have great friends there…have great memories there…still today I have a collection of audio cassettes from many games as well as videos of games on TV during the Tom Blaz and Marty days.


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