📅23 May 2013
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By Jesse Pinkston Santos

The latest thing in running is on Guam. It's the Hoka shoes. (courtesy photo)

The latest thing in running is on Guam. It’s the Hoka shoes. (courtesy photo)

Attention runners, if you’re looking for shoes that help reduce strain, impact, soreness, fatigue then you MUST try the Hoka shoes.  Developed in 2010, HOKA ONE ONE (pronounced hoe-kah oh-nay oh-nay) derived from the Maori language translates to “It’s time to fly over the Earth”. Hoka pioneers Jean-Luc Diard and Nicolas Mermoud wanted to design the most comfortable, ultimate running shoe in the market.  These shoes are great for trail running, triathlons, 5K’s, 10K’s, half marathons, marathons, ultra running, ironman’s… you name it!

Hokas are an oversized shoe but don’t let it fool you!  A 40mm high sole design and a 13cm rocker profile extends over the front half of the shoe decreasing knee movement up to 20%, which helps reduce possibility for injury.  “Lab tests have shown that Hoka’s rockered midsole geometry and low heel-toe differential encourages proper form by allowing a runner to easily strike the ground near the midfoot.  Slow motion video confirms that the extra foam in the midsoles also greatly reduces the rate of pronation and supination by quickly stabilizing the movement of the foot upon impact with the ground.” (Scientific data from independent lab testing in Italy & Switzerland*)

Fun Hoka Facts:DSC_0055

  • 50% greater surface area on outsole than typical running shoe

  • 35% wider platform for increased stability

  • 15% lighter than most running shoes

  • Up to 20% reduction in knee flexion, resulting from increased efficiencies in stride (on flat surface)

  • 3-5% reduction in energy consumption, based on oxygen consumption, measured lactate production, and running mechanics (on flat surface)

  • 2-2.5% increase in amplitude (up to 5cm per stride) (on flat surface)

  • 8-18% decrease in energy consumption by comparison to test subjects’ reference levels (uphill); unexpected result at this level of testing

  • 15-20% reduced shock impact (downhill)

  • Effort and mechanical constraints reduced by 12-20% (downhill)

  • Spread of shock throughout the midsole increased from 20-33%

  • Midsole allows up to three-times the vertical travel of conventional running shoes. [Just like mountain bike suspensions on technical terrain, more cushion equals a softer ride with better control. And more control means you can run fast, efficiently and safely on any type of terrain.]

  • 50% greater outsole surface area than traditional running shoes spreads impact but also improves grip and stability. *https://www.runningfit.com.au

Joy Clark, owner of Isla Sole, was introduced to Hokas by a family member and loved them so much, she brought them to Guam in November 2012.  “Been wearing Hoka One One shoes since January 2012.  My knees are always sore after a workout or run but since I’ve been wearing Hoka One One shoes, I am not bothered with sore knees. A friend asked about my shoes while at Urban Studios.  She tried on my shoe and immediately wanted a pair, so did her friends.”

The Hokas are a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for.  Your knees will thank you in the long run!   “Hoka One One is a high quality product with a substantial midsole, typically 2.5 times the volume of most running shoes on the market.  The added material and technology also means that has a longer life than most running shoes, so you’re money goes farther,” stated Clark.

As per the Hoka One One website, the technology Clark is referring to is this new philosophy in running by merging aspects of minimalism and maximalism.  Hoka One One incorporated several of the key performance traits of the oversized technology trend in skiing, mountain biking, golf, tennis, while also paying heed to recent footwear advances that aid in natural foot motion and efficient running mechanics.  That innovation combination is what allows a runner to float over the ground with every stride, momentarily defying gravity on every step.

Joy believes that the Hokas will benefit all runners on Guam “from elite competitive runners to recreational joggers, walkers, to people who are just on their feet all day.”  To purchase your very own Hoka One One shoes, please contact Joy Clark at 689.7700 or email islasole@ gmail.com.  “We encourage everyone to try them on for 30 seconds.  You’ll feel the difference immediately and will be amazed!”


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