📅25 October 2013
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IIAAG logo 1-13PRESS RELEASE – Guam International Country Club played host to more than 50 high school golfers for the All-Island Championship yesterday.

The weather was perfect for golf and the golfers responded with excellent scores.  The competition ended with Harvest Christian Academy golfers Devin Hua and Nalathai Vongjalorn winning the boys and girls championships.

Devin was pushed at the end with a charge from second place Ancieto Mandanas from Father Duenas Memorial School, but Hua was able to make his final putt and hold on for the win with a one over par 73, Mandanas finished with a 74.

The girls match was not as close with Vongalorn scoring 78 and second place finisher Anna Yi of St. John’s scoring 83.  The future of high school golf is bright as Hua and Vongjalorn are sophomores and Mandanas and Yi are freshmen.

As an initiative to help some of the less experienced golfers in the league, some students chose to participate in a 9 hole tournament.  In the boys division, Kwang Jin Lim of St. John’s won with a score of 49 and the girls 9 hole tournament was won by Na Woo Kim of St. Thomas with a score of 43. The top finishers in each category are listed below.

Also announced yesterday were the winners of the team competitions and the St. Thomas Lions repeated as champions for both the boys and girls divisions.

All-Island Results:


Devin Hua (Harvest) 73

Ancieto Mandanas (FDMS) 74

Teddy Gogue, Jr.(St. Thomas) 76

Terrance Camacho (St. Thomas) 77

Bo Quichocho (Harvest) 77

Kevin Oberiano (St. John’s) 77


Nalathai Vongjalorn (Harvest) 78

Anna Yi (St. John’s) 83

Juna Otani (AOLG) 84

Rachel Peterson (AOLG) 87

Cheyenne Bobodilla (Okoddo) 97

9-hole Results


Kwang Jin Lim (St. John’s) 49

Josh Miller (Okoddo) 55

Francis Dela Paz 60


Na Woo Kim (St. Thomas) 43

Adrienne Edrosa (Okoddo) 53

Maile Dolores (GWHS) 59

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