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By Steve Oshiro

PureFit will surely test your fitness level with different aerobic and anerobic exercises. (photo by Jesse Castro)

PureFit will surely test your fitness level with different aerobic and anaerobic exercises. (photo by Jesse Castro)

Every Saturday a small dedicated group of people meet at the Purebred Jiu Jitsu Academy in Anigua to participate in PureFit, an intense workout designed to increase athleticism and bring fitness levels to new heights. The workout is a collaboration between the Purebred Jiu Jitsu Academy and FIT360º, which I run as a trainer/strength & conditioning specialist.

PureFit is a strength and conditioning class that I initially developed to help Purebred Jiu Jitsu Academy’s athletes prepare for competition.  Over time, athletes from various sports and fitness enthusiast have come to recognize that PureFit can augment their current training and elevate their performance not only in sports but in their daily lives.

Energy production is principle

The body has three energy systems or metabolic processes by which it can produce the chemical energy required as fuel by cells for muscular work. The purpose of these energy systems is to maintain energy stability within cells by producing chemical energy to meet the demands of physical activity. The metabolic processes by which these systems create chemical energy are classified as either aerobic or anaerobic.  The aerobic process can provide energy for moderate intensity activity for long periods of time, but this process is slower than the anaerobic processes. The anaerobic processes can provide energy at a much faster rate for high intensity activity but for only brief periods of time. PureFit addresses the importance of training to improve these energy systems

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Stretching the muscles prior to a rigorous workout is vital in avoiding injury. (photo by Jesse Castro)

The goal of PureFit is not just to improve an athlete’s strength or conditioning. It is first and foremost to increase their potential to produce energy. It’s a common mistake for athletes to try and increase their ability to produce force or power, without also developing the capacity for increased energy production that is necessary within the physical demands of their sport. In order to perform high speed skills faster, the athlete must increase their rate of energy production/power. In order increase the duration they can maintain their speed of movement without slowing down; the athlete must be able to sustain energy production for longer/endurance.

This increase in energy production is what provides the foundation for an athlete to perform their skills faster and for longer periods.  The higher the level of the sport, the faster everything occurs. If an athlete can’t perform their skills fast or long enough, then they can’t compete. PureFit trains athletes to compete at high levels.

The PureFit workout is based on four components of activity that are interdependent on each another to achieve the best results.  The components and exercises within them can be modified to meet the individual fitness level of participants or to address physical limitations. The components are summarized as follow.

Movement Prep

Atty. Mark Smith puts in a good workout at PureFit. (photo by Jesse Castro)

Atty. Mark Smith puts in a good workout at PureFit. (photo by Jesse Castro)

Movement prep is a series of dynamic exercises that physically and mentally prepare the body for the movements which follow throughout the other components. Movement prep increases core temperature and serves as a warm up. The exercises in this component, elongate muscles for increased range of motion and require the activation of these muscles through the new range of motion. This provides for long term gains in flexibility. It also improves the body’s sensory system for balance and stability.


While increasing strength is a goal of PureFit, the program is more concerned with the ability of the athlete to carry strength gains over to their sport. The strength component of PureFit incorporates dynamic full body movements and drills that require the participant to train across multiple planes of motion. The exercises closely replicate the movements associated with athletics. Traditional weight training focuses on slow and controlled ranges of motion. The PureFit strength component develops the body’s mechanism to store and release energy powerfully and efficiently throughout movement by incorporating rapid response, short response and long response drills.

While the ability to generate force is an important element in athletics, the ability to reduce force and decelerate, is equally important especially as it relates to injury prevention. PureFit strength drills are a combination of exercises designed to improve strength, stability, flexibility, agility, mobility and balance.

Energy System Development

The goal of the PureFit energy system development component is to improve the entire cardiovascular system, improving endurance and allowing the body to access new levels of energy. Dynamic full body movements are performed at high intensity intervals to train the body’s three energy systems. Participants develop and improve the body’s lactate and alactate systems.  Lactate threshold is the body’s capacity to perform high intensity work for up to three minutes. Alactate power is the body’s ability to perform high intensity work for up to 12 seconds. Training these systems allows an athlete to tap into new levels of energy.

Dara Roberto pulls her partner in the strength and conditioning part of PureFit. (photo by Jesse Castro)

Dara Roberto pulls her partner in the strength and conditioning part of PureFit. (photo by Jesse Castro)

Finally, ESD helps improve the aerobic system, the ability to perform work for periods beyond three minutes. The aerobic system helps the body recover from the high intensity work performed while training the lactate and alactate systems.

Most people relate cardio to a run or bike in the fat burning zone of aerobic activity. PureFit requires the participant to work in several different training zones that are aerobic and anaerobic to enhance their ability to produce energy at different levels of intensity.


PureFit places significant stress on the body and demands a lot of energy. It is important for participants to kick start the regeneration and recovery process in order to recuperate before their next workout. The recovery component consists of a series of active isolated stretches, myofascial release and massage activities that facilitate the recuperation and regeneration process.

 Blood, Sweat and Vomit. Crying is not allowed.

There is no doubt about it. PureFit is a physically and mentally challenging workout. It is intended for athletes and fitness enthusiasts with at least a moderate level of training experience. PureFit improves one’s strength and conditioning by taking them out of their comfort zones for extended periods and forcing the body to adapt to new levels of stress. Those who commit to the workouts are rewarded with greater fitness levels and the ability to perform better.

PureFit creator Steve Oshiro

For more information about PureFit please contact Steve Oshiro: fit360@gmail.com

* Consult your physician before starting any exercise program *

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