📅25 February 2013
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By Regina Shiroma

Broken ankles, dislocated shoulders and worn out knees have been the type of complications the Shiroma boys have had to deal with throughout a lifetime of football, but that’s just what comes with the game. Also, living on Guam, your occasional case of diabetes and high blood pressure came and went (those though, taking more discipline than just dealing with the pain of another injury). These complications are expected. But this, this was unexpected for middle child, Ivan Shiroma.

Ivan Shiroma, who has numerous football championships at the high school and varsity levels, is surviving from a quadruple bypass surgery. (courtesy photo)

Ivan Shiroma, who has numerous football championships at the high school and varsity levels, is surviving from a quintuple bypass surgery. (courtesy photo)

After an unnatural episode of labored breathing one night, he went to his doctor to find out what the problem was because he had just come back from an executive checkup in the Philippines and was fine – so it said. A month later he was able to get an appointment for an angiogram with doctors who were passing through from California. That was when he found out he had blocked arteries.

“Disbelief was the first, initial reaction and of course being upset, then the ‘why me?’ After seeing all these unhealthy people and you know I’m generally in good health, then to find out I’m the one with the clogged arteries. So I went through all of that, then there was just acceptance afterwards. I just wanted to get it done, get it over with and start my recovery because I didn’t want to let this thing to take me down.”

The Pressing Question

Will Ivan Shiroma coach again?

“At this point, no. Maybe later on I’ll change my mind, but right now, no.”

Why not?

“It’s too stressful!”

So after years of coaching, the head coach of the Hal’s Angels [men’s] football team will be watching, critiquing, and criticizing from his truck bed in peace, rather than along the sidelines directing, guiding, telling off the players that need it and constantly thinking of the next play amidst players who each have a mind and plan of their own.

He’s putting a full recovery ahead of all of that. But he must enjoy it. He’s been at it religiously for 30 years.


After undergoing a quintuple bypass surgery (that’s five) about three months ago, Uncle Ivan is working and in full recovery mode.

“So far it’s good, I’m recovering fast. Doing 5k’s…walking. We [wife, Zerlina Shiroma] did three already. We’re almost always last place, but you just gotta finish it, walking that far.”

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L-R: Buzzy Shiroma, mother Lou Shiroma, Ivan Shiroma and Ty Shiroma after winning another MFL championship. (courtesy photo)

They can also be seen walking around the neighborhood daily, taking little nieces and nephews along for the walk, too. The whole family will probably come along too if they keep it up.

A lifestyle change comes along with this. “Watch your diet.”

So goodbye midnight snacks, you can forget about putting ajinomoto on your steaks, and only sugar free popsicles.

Now the family’s left with watered down beef kelaguen. Lame.

But it’s okay, we support you and your goal to eat healthier and to just be healthier. We all need a dose of that mindset.

Besides it’s only good for us. Get well soon.

Notes: Some Advice-“The executive checkup does not detect clogged arteries. Angiogram is the key-determining test. Get an angiogram if you feel you have trouble breathing.”

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