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Which football player has the coolest nickname?

Ryan ‘Chairman of the Board’ Rios 44%

Mike ‘Malojloj Madness’ Meno 22%

Roland ‘Wild Thing’ Duenas 11%

‘Dynamite’ Dino Lizama 9%

Chris ‘Cool Breeze’ Wessling 5%

Gerard ‘Kaboom’ Cabana 4%


Which closer would you call upon to close out a game on Guam?

Joey Santos (Cougars/Tigers/Miller/Islanders/Giants) 53%

Cliff Rafael (Jets/Braves) 32%

John Leon Guerrero (Cougars) 15%


What adult league are you tracking the most?

Miller Football League 45%

Budweiser Baseball League 45%

Guam Women’s Tackle Football League 7%

Women’s Football League 3%


Which 4th quarter sport are you most looking forward to?

Track & Field 38%

Boys Volleyball 32%

Girls Soccer 19%

Paddling 10%


What is going to be the outcome of the boys high school basketball finals?

FD Friars finally snap the cold streak! 45%

Okkodo Bulldogs repeat champs of course! 32%

Don’t really care, my team lost… 23%


Will the undefeated Southern Dolphins girls softball team win their fourth straight title this year?

Of course they will 60%

I don’t think so! 40%


Will MMA’s Frank “The Crank” Camacho bounce back from missing weight in PXC 41 with a dominant performance in PXC 42 against Keita Nakamura?

Yes 51%

No 49%


Which boys basketball team has the best chance at winning the 2014 title? 179

JFK Islanders 30%

Other 26%

Okkodo Bulldogs 23%

St. Paul Warriors 16%

Guam High Panthers 6%


Which sport requires the most physical conditioning?

MMA 43%

Triathlon 41%

Football 7%

Basketball 5%

Soccer 4%


What sport delivers the hardest hits?

Rugby 54%

Football 46%


Will the ND Royals girls basketball team go unbeaten and repeat as champions?

Nah! 56%

Heck, yeah! 44%


The new BFL starts this weekend. The MFL starts right after in February. What do you think?

More football is better! 37%

Backt-to-back leagues? That’s too much! 33%

There’s a BFL? 22%

I’ll wait for MFL 9%


Who would you vote for MVP of girls high school basketball?

Kara Duenas, G (AOLG) 44%

Crystal Aguon, G (GW) 32%

Joni Tedpahogo, G (ND) 17%

Samantha Frias, C (ND) 6%

Kara Guerrero, F (GH) 0

Kristine Redelozo, G (SS) 0



What’s more exciting?

H.S. Boys Soccer Playoffs 52%

H.S. Girls Basketball Playoffs 47%

H.S. Baseball Playoffs 1%


Which championship finalist has the best chance at a title?

Academy basketball 66%

St. John’s soccer 17%

Notre Dame basketball 16%

Southern soccer 2%


Which is the bigger upset in a championship game?

AOLG Cougars (’11 girls basketball) 60%

NY Giants (’08 Super Bowl) 40%


‘Tis the Season! What would you rather do?

Defer to the second half (give gifts) 85%

Elect to receive (get gifts) 15%


What are you most excited about this holiday season?

NFL playoffs 54%

Start of NBA season 33%

College bowl games 13%


What sport should be added to interscholastic sports?

jiu-jitsu 67%

swimming 23%

boxing 10%


Which game interests you the most?

Giants at 49ers 82%

Ravens at Patriots 18%


Who you got? 57

Giants 30%

Patriots 26%

Don’t Care 44%


Who has the best boys basketball team so far?

GW (5-1) 59%

St. John’s (6-1) 33%

FD (5-1) 4%

Okkodo (6-1) 4%


Was implementing tackle the right move for high school girls rugby?

Yes, it’s exciting! 83%

No, too many injuries… 17%


Who is the high school basketball MVP so far?

Argie Flores (SJ) 59%

Maks Kepwe (OK) 20%

Valiant Borja (GW) 20%

Tito Canovas (SP) 1%


Who’s the top PXC champ in the lighter weight classes?

Ale Cali (125) 6%

Justin Cruz (135) 41%

Baby Joe Taimanglo (145) 49%

Harris Sarmiento (155) 4%


Will Guam ever win another Far East Basketball championship?

Yup, within 1-5 years 76%

Maybe within 6-10 years 7%

Gosh, I don’t think so 17%


Which historic ‘call up’ is bigger?

Jon Tuck to the UFC 53%

J.R. Hattig to the Major Leagues 47%


Which semifinal matchup will produce the eventual champion?

Okkodo vs. FD 75%

GW vs. St. Paul 25%


Is JROTC drill a sport?

Mmmm, don’t think so 63%

Certainly is a sport 57%


Which BBL team will pull away from the pack?

AK Islanders 29%

BOG Athletics 33%

Moylan’s Braves 29%

76 Cardinals 7%


Which MFL team is taking the title this season?

Warriors 45%

Angels 33%

Rams 19%

Spartans 2%


Which team has the best chance of repeating as champs?

GW boys volleyball 88%

Guam High girls soccer 12%


Who’s winning the MFL Championship this weekend?

Warriors 63%

Rams 38%


GSPN was not allowed to cover the GNOC regularly scheduled meeting and was told to leave. What do you think?

Where’s the transparency? 97%

GNOC doesn’t need the media 3%


Smokin’ Wheels, the biggest off-road event on Guam, is set for this weekend. Are you planning to go?

Nah, too hot/dusty 40%

O ya, I’m there! 35%

I would if I could 25%


Which GW boys team has the best chance of repeating as champions?

volleyball team 76%

paddling team 24%


Who’s the most feared slugger in Guam baseball history?

Rico Castro 78%

John Farnum 13%

John Hattig, Sr. 5%

Richard Martinez 4%


How do you usually get your cardio fix in?

running 65%

cross training 29%

swimming 6%

what’s cardio? 0


What do you think of the first ever women’s tackle football league?

Love it! 71%

Whare are they thinking? 29%


Who’s going to win the first ever women’s football championship?

Steel Blazers 61%

Island Stunnerz 39%


Who’s going to win the girls high school soccer championship?

Southern Dolphins 52

ND Royals 48


Who will win the BBL Championship Series?

Moyaln’s Braves 76%

AK Islanders 24%


What summer league are you most interested in?

youth football 35%

little league baseball 33%

other 32%


With the BBL Championship Series tied at 2-2, who will win it all?

AK Islanders 82%

Moylan’s Braves  18%


Guam sports fans. Who you got for the NBA Finals?

OKC Thunder 57%

Miami Heat  43%


Will the Moylan’s Braves win their 5th straight BBL title next year?

Nah, that’s impossible 51%

Oh Ya! 49%


How much of the London Games will you be watching?

Most of it 38%

All of it 33%

Some of it 27%

None of it 3%


How big is Jiu-Jitsu on Guam?

It’s Huge 68%

Not my thing 19%

Pretty Big 12%


Who’s winning the girls basketball title?

Academy Cougars 72%

St. John’s Knights 28%


Who is the bigger MMA legend to visit Guam?

Wanderlei Silva (2012) 53%

B.J. Penn (2006) 40%

Kazushi Sakuraba (numerous) 7%


Which repeat champion do you like the most?

Sanchez Sharks baseball 53%

Academy Cougars basketball 47%


Who you got for the Super Bowl?

49ers 53%

Ravens 47%


What team has the best chance of repeating as champs?

FD boys rugby 52%

Southern softball 18%

GW boys basketball 15%

GW girls rugby 14%


Will a Guam team ever win a Far East basketball title again?

Both boys and girls 33%

Can’t be done again 33%

Only the boys 28%

Only the girls 7%


How will Jon Tuck finish his next UFC fight against Norman Parke?

submission 59%

decision 25%

TKO 15%


How disappointed are you that Jon Tuck’s UFC fight was cancelled due to injury?

very disappointed 59%

slightly disappointed 32%

not disappointed 10%


What form of football is more popular on Guam?

Women’s 51%

Youth 36%

Men’s 13%


Who is the best starting pitcher in Guam baseball history?

Eddie Aguon 43%

Tommy Duenas 25%

Randy Kakigi 14%

Roke Alcantara, Jr. 11%

Daryl Haun 7%


Who has been the brightest star in the IIAAG 4th quarter?

John Aquino, JFK track 49%

Devin Maluwelmeng, GW volleyball 3%

Paige Surber, Southern soccer 47%

Aaron Whitaker, Guam High track 1%


Guam fans, who do you have winning the 2013 NBA Finals?

San Antonio Spurs 66%

Miami Heat 44%


With the FD Alumni Basketball Tournament underway, will the Class of 2006 three-peat?

Oh no! 59%

Heck yeah! 41%


Who do you think will take the BBL Championship Series?

Braves 54%

Phillies 46%


Which fighter are you most interested to see fight in PXC 38?

Frank Camacho 51%

Josh Calvo 36%

Kyle Aguon 13%


What first quarter high school sport are you looking forward to the most?

football 92

cross country 72

girls volleyball 34

golf 3


What defending championship teams have the best chance of repeating?

Southern Dolphins girls volleyball 36%

Sanchez Sharks football 36%

Guam High Panthers cross country 15%

St. Thomas Aquinas golf 13%


How will Baby Joe Taimanglo finish his next fight in Bellator 99?

Submission 55%

Knockout 23%

Decision 22%


Which high school quarterback would you prefer to guide your offense?

Guam High’s LJ Aguon 78%

FD’s Tyler Okiyama 22%


How much of a difference has ‘consultant coach’ Tony Posadas made on the FD Friars football team so far?

no difference 45%

huge difference 40%

subtle difference 15%


It’s anyone’s championship. Which team will win the girls volleyball title?

GW Geckos 29%

Academy Cougars 27%

St. John’s Knights 26%

Southern Dolphins 12%

Sanchez Sharks 6%


Who’s going to win the IIAAG Football Championship?

Sanchez Sharks 61%

GW Geckos 25%


What 2nd quarter sport are you looking forward to the most?

Wrestling 35%

Girls Basketball 33%

Boys Soccer 19%

Baseball 14%


Which Guam team is poised to finish the highest in this week’s Girls Volleyball Far East Tournament on Guam?

Academy 74%

Southern 20%

Sanchez 0%

GW 1%


Which top wrestling team will take the IIAAG championship?

Sanchez 42%

Father Duenas 40%

Guam High 12%

JFK 6%


Will the Academy Cougars go the entire girls basketball season undefeated?

Yes 66%

No 34%


With Jon Delos Reyes heading to the UFC, will another Guam fighter get the call to the UFC in 2014?

Yes, Definitely! 53%

No, not by a long shot. 47%


Which Southern championship team had the toughest path over their defending champion opponent?

Girls Basketball over Academy 54%

Baseball over Sanchez 46%


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Guam Track & Field National Championship May 26

All-Island Wrestling Alumni Tournament June 8

10th Micronesian Games from Marjuro


Bailey Concepcion makes it to the Seattle Seahawks dance team for the 2nd straight year.

Congratulations @seadancer_bailey
The St. Paul Warriors are the 2024 IIAAG Boys Middle School Basketball League Champions! The Warriors defeated the 2nd seed Andersen Dragons 60-47 to cap off their undefeated season.
Mario Bork led the Warriors with 20 points in the championship game.