📅07 October 2012
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By Regina Shiroma

Angels’ Darrien Campos and JesseKarl Cruz wrap up Cowboys’ Gaven Leon Guerrero to stop him on the run for no gain. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

The SSFM Hal’s Angels added to the weekend of upsets as they defeated the Tan Holdings Cowboys 24-6 Sunday afternoon at Eagle field. The Angels suffered a loss to the Cowboys last weekend in their final regular season game, losing by just two points. The Angels were able to avenge their loss, scoring all their points in the first quarter.

Just two minutes into the game, Angels’ Brendan Santos dropped back at the 45-yard line and threw a quick pass to Darrien Campos. Campos then juked his way to the right sideline and was able to score an impressive 44-yard touchdown reception leaving scorch marks and Cowboys defenders behind him. Logan Mance kicked in the successful PAT to give the Angels the 8-0 lead.

Angels QB Brendan Santos: 2/3 on 107 passing yards, 54 yard avg, 2 TD.

Miscommunication plagued the Cowboys’ first offensive drive and as a result, they resorted to a punt at fourth down after their unsuccessful attempts to move the chains. Campos, set to receive the punt, was off to the raceways again. After one bounce, Campos picked up the short 20-yard punt by Cowboys’ Danon Mojica, and left scorch marks again—this time on the other side of the field. Campos ran past all the Cowboys defense and into the end zone right before being tackled out of bounds to score the 28-yard punt return touchdown with three minutes left in the quarter. After a successful PAT by Mance, the Angels were up with a quick 16-0 lead.

Angels’ Santos was at it again; right before the end of the quarter, Santos threw a pop pass to receiver Jose Santos. The smaller-statured Jose Santos was safely guarded by a wall of Angels blockers. Breaking away from the pack, Santos ran into the end zone for a long 63-yard touchdown reception.

Cowboys quarterback Gaven Leon Guerrero hands the ball to his running back Kamron Tenorio in the third quarter. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)


The Cowboys’ maintained possession the entire second quarter. They worked their way down the field, earning three first downs in their offensive drive. Their first attempt, a halfback pass into the end zone, nearly earned the Cowboys the touchdown. However, the pass came up inches short of the receiver. Paydirt finally came two plays later on a halfback pass from Cowboys’ Mojica to Kamron Tenorio for a 19-yard touchdown reception. The Angels prevented the run by Brandon Palacios for the extra point the Cowboys were able to get on the board right before the halftime whistle, making the score 24-6.

The second half saw the Cowboys trying for the comeback, but the Angels defense proved to be too much for the Cowboys offense.

“It feels good because we get to move on to next week. Hopefully we can win the championship,” said Santos about the playoff win.

“I just want to thank God for giving us the ability to play the game that we play. He gives us all the gift to play football the way it’s supposed to be played. Our offense and defense were on all gears. We just thank him for this victory today,” said head coach Buzz Shiroma.

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