📅15 September 2012
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By Regina Shiroma

Giants quarterback, Juan King, connects a pass with his older brother, Jujuan King Jr., for the first down. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

Under the heat of the blazing sun, and the brisk breeze running across the field, the weather provided perfect conditions for a GNYFF Matua division football game.

The undefeated Hensel Phelps Giants faced off against the second place SSFM Hal’s Angels Saturday afternoon at the UOG field. The Giants were again tested by one of the top teams in the league, and again they prevailed. A two-point conversion separated the two teams in what was a nail-biting contest. The Giants defeated the Angels in a close 8-6 ball game.

After a silent first quarter, the Angels broke the silence in the second. Darien Campos rushed in for a one-yard touchdown with five minutes and 35 seconds left.

Giants defensive powerhouse, Joseph Sanchez.


With the Angels pushing the Giants’ offense back to their own one-yard line, the Giants were barely able to get past the 50-yard line in the first half. The game looked as if it were going to the Angels, however, Joseph Sanchez’s game-changing, game-saving touchdown, sent an uproar through the Giants fans. Giants quarterback, Jujuan King, Jr. connected with Sanchez for a 31-yard touchdown reception. Sanchez received the ball at the 10-yard line then ran to the left, passing all opposition to score the touchdown.

Sanchez proved to be a threat on both sides of the field as he scored the winning touchdown of the game, and was there at every defensive stop.

Giants’ Juan King and Angels’ Lucas Cruz fight for the recovery of a fumbled ball early in the first quarter. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

“You just got to be really focused, and just look at the ball where its going. Where the ball’s going, that’s where you’re going,” said Sanchez of his defensive mentality.

The first quarter became repetitive as both teams resorted to punting after their failed attempts on their respective offensive drives.

In other divisions:

Mandikiki Angels vs. Giants 21-21
Manha Angels def. Giants 36-7
Metgot Angels def. Giants 25-0

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