📅25 August 2012
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By Regina Shiroma

Giants’ Joseph Sanchez was able to get past Cowboys’ Vance Camacho and the rest of the late-setup defense but was unable to come up with the reception as he lets the ball slip through him. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

The Hensel Phelps Giants Matua division outscored the Southern Cowboys 37-12 in week two of the Guam National Youth Football Federation league. The weather proved to be perfect for football players and fans alike, as the sun shone down, keeping the field and the ball dry as compared to last week’s rained out and muddied conditions.

Giants’ Joseph Sanchez aided his team in the win with three touchdowns, scoring two of them in a span of three minutes in the fourth quarter. Sanchez contributed defensively as well, getting in on almost every play and coming up with a few key stops.

“It wasn’t only me, it was teammates who helped me out. We’re just going to continue to play hard and we’re going to try to make it to the championship,” said Sanchez.

Cowboys’ Danon Mojica ran for this 60-yard kickoff return before getting stopped just five yards away from the goal line. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

The first half saw a back-and-forth scoring by both teams. Sanchez already began to work his magic early in the game, scoring at the kick-off making the score 6-0. A few plays later, a 15-yard penalty against the Giants put the Cowboys in good field positioning. Kamron Tenorio took advantage of the penalty and put the Cowboys on the board after sprinting into the end zone for a 20-yard touchdown run, thus tying the game at 6-all. However, this time, a 15-yard penalty against the Cowboys put the Giants at the Cowboys five-yard line. Christopher Cawili then mauled his way through the Cowboys defense to take back the lead.

At the two-minute mark of the second quarter, Danon Mojica received the ball on the kick-off and sped down the sideline breaking through a few tackles along the way. Mojica nearly scored but not before being taken down by Napu Topasna at the five-yard line. In the ensuing play, Tenorio rushed in for a five-yard touchdown, tying the game once again at 12-12 right before the end of the half. The Cowboys did not know it yet, but that would be their last touchdown of the game.

Giants’ Damon Hocog scored this touchdown after shoulder charging his way through Cowboys’ Isaiah Meno to put his team up 12-6 in the second quarter. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

The second half saw four more touchdowns by the Giants as they took the lead for the final time and secured it. Damon Hocog ran right up the middle for a 15-yard rush into the end zone and the only touchdown in the third quarter. The fourth saw Sanchez use his strength and speed to get past the defense. Sanchez swooped to the outside and barely ran into the end zone when Cowboy defenders tried to push him out of bounds. For his second touchdown of the quarter and third overall, Sanchez displayed his strength as he broke through a host of Cowboy defenders trying to bring him down, twice. After shaking off the tackles, Sanchez booked it to the end zone for a 35-yard touchdown.  Christian Toves-Leon Guerrero scored the one-point conversion, extending the Giants’ demanding lead to 31-12. With one minute and 49 seconds left in the game, Joaquin Mesa rolled into the end zone for the final touchdown of the game.

In other divisions:

Mandikiki Giants and Cowboys draw, 35-35

Manha Giants def. Cowboys 21-19

Metgot Cowboys def. Giants 19-0

In other games:

Raiders def. Eagles

Mandikiki 42-35

Manha 20-18

Metgot 36-0

Matua 47-0

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