📅13 November 2012
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Richard Dayday

An undefeated wrestler at Sanchez and championship coach, Dayday continues to teach the sport in his current home of St. Maarten. (courtesy photo)

Occupation: Restaurateur of The Boathouse Restaurant in Simpsonbay, St. Maarten

Sports: wrestling, football, jiu-jitsu, boxing, Submissions

Sporting accomplishments

Wrestling: Sanchez Sharks All-Island and 1993 Far East Champion. Coached 9 consecutive championships (FD, Inarajan, JFK, DoDEA) 11 All-Island championships in one season and several Far East champions during 12 years of coaching.

Football: Guam Eagles (six championships); Sanchez Sharks, two-time All-Island cornerback,  linebacker

Guam fans want to know where is Richard Dayday now and what is he up to?

I currently reside in St. Maarten, I’m happily married with three boys and one daughter. I am also a part of a local mixed martial arts gym (sxm-mma).

You went undefeated in your high school wrestling career. Why is that so significant?

Significance? It’s not about it being “significant”, I simply enjoyed and loved the sport and luckily, I was very good at it!

What were your fondest memories playing in Guam?

As a native Chamorro, I loved representing my island when I competed, to show the world what GUAM is all about!

How close were you to jumping into the MMA scene?

Extremely close, I was literally waiting for my insurance check to clear as I had turned in my vehicle in order to close out everything in Florida back in 2004 after planning extensively to move to a small town named ‘La Mure’ approximately 30 minutes away from Las Vegas when I was, figuratively, mentally and emotionally taken away by the most beautiful woman, Cleopatra, who today is my loving wife!

Richard Dayday

What are the differences – mentally and physically – between the athletes of today and the athletes during your high school years?

Today they have better opportunity, more support and exposure. Mentally, we are all the same, the focus, the attitude, the dedication, it all goes together. Today and with those of my high school years, physically, there is not much difference.

You mentioned you’re ready to come back home. Why do you want to do that and what are your plans regarding sports on Guam?

I would like to come back and do what I love to do, not as a competitor but as a coach in order to train the upcoming athletes as I personally believe I have a lot to offer.

You have three young sons. What kind of sports do they play and how much involvement do you have in their sports activities?

Currently, only grappling and jiu-jitsu, boxing and soccer. I am very much involved with the kids in all of their sports and academic activities as I always stress to them the importance of a good education.

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