📅17 August 2013
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By Regina Shiroma


Metgot division Eagles’ quarterback Andrew Francisco watches as his receiver Christian Cabrera turns around to catch the ball. (photo by Jesse Castro)

In the opening weekend of the 2013 GNYFF youth football league, teams flocked to fields around the island to play the sport they all love. Dedication to the sport can not only be seen amongst players, but amongst their parents too. The chore of bringing the kids to practice, helping put on their gear, and taking them to games every weekend can be a tiring job for working parents. But it all pays off when the joy of playing football is evident even in the four year-olds playing flag.

Saturday’s games featured the Eagles and the Falcons who faced off at Eagle field and the Cowboys and the Jets at the Tiyan field.

The Jets were unable to field enough players in their Metgot division, as some did not make weight at weigh-in time. So instead of not playing at all, the two teams scrimmaged. Though the score of the scrimmage did not matter and would not count, both teams played their hearts out.


Megot division Falcons’ defender Brent Borja charges in towards Eagles Tre Taylor to make the tackle. (photo by Jesse Castro)

“We’re really pumped up about this year, although we don’t have a Matua division due to a lack of players, the rest of the organization, we have high spirits. You can tell as opposed to last year, our parents are more involved. We just have a lot more involvement; we have a stronger organization this year. And we’re hoping for the best,” said Gene Camacho, who is president of the Jets organization.

Winning a championship would be ideal for any team, Vincent Quitugua, president of the Cowboys organization hopes for a little bit more.

“We just hope that the kids enjoy, learn, and take something positive from the game.”

In other games:
Manha Cowboys 24, Jets 14
Metgot Cowboys 7, Jets 0 (win by forfeit)

Manha Falcons 33, Eagles 19
Metgot Falcons 36, Eagles 8
Matua Falcons 6, Eagles 6





Metgot division Falcons’ Zion Leon Guerrero easily breaks through Eagles’ Christian Cabrera tackle attempt and turns to face incoming defender Edison Santos. (photo by Jesse Castro)


Manha division Eagles give thanks to their parents and fans. (photo by Jesse Castro)


Manha division Eagles and Falcons demonstrate good sportsmanship after their game. (photo by Jesse Castro)


Metgot division Falcons’ defender Daeven Aguon gets the tackle on Eagles’ running back Davin Mojica. (photo by Jesse Castro)

Manha division Falcons show their appreciation to the Eagles parents and fans. (photo by Jesse Castro)

Manha division Falcons show their appreciation to the Eagles parents and fans. (photo by Jesse Castro)

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