📅30 October 2013
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By Robert Balajadia

Family and sports are often directly linked, especially with Guam having deep family values. From encouragement and family support to sibling rivalries, most families have a sports story they can pass down from generation to generation.

The Sanchez Sharks football team know all about the value of family and will have one amazing story to tell their younger generation. Eight (no lie or exaggeration) sets of brothers were all a part of the Sanchez Sharks 2013 championship football team. No, not the “I’ve known him since I was a baby” or “His mother and my mother are best friends” type brother, but actual blood relation.

If you’ve noticed the a recurring last name on the team making plays but had a different number, chances are you spotted a younger or older sibling instead.

Check them out: (from left to right)

Larry, Jonathan and Carlos Saralu












Hunter, Dondre’ and Justus Barnes















Keith and Shawn Dumanal












Dan and Daniel Cruz











Joejoy and Jovan Ignacio











Jordon and Taz Evangelista











Damian Fitial and Ryan Hocog











Keinan Naval and Chris Lizama












The group of siblings account for 18 players of the 45 that suit up for the Sharks, which is just a fraction off of half the team. The 18 could make their own starting lineup on offense or defense and have subs if coach Jimmy Naholowaa would have it.

Having your sibling share an accomplishment with you, such as a sports championship, has to be a special feeling. Brothers Anthony and Aaron Blaz were standouts in an 18U basketball tournament finals earlier this year and both stated that playing with their brother felt just as special as winning the tournament, cherry on top if you will.

Though the season is officially over and this is old news to the team and their coaches, it was an anomaly that was overlooked.

Will the younger of the bunch be ready to handle the pressure of carrying out as a three-peat champion next year? It’s definitely in their genes. If they have every intention of living up to big bro’s standard, especially Cruz, Dumanal, and Saralu, oh brother, watch out IIAAG.

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