📅09 October 2013
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By Michael Cruz

IIAGG Football Week 7 Review

  • Panthers’ 3 heads to the left side and is forced out of bounds by the Islanders defense.

    Panthers’ Juwan Jacobs heads to the left side and is forced out of bounds by the Islanders defense. (photo by Jesse Castro)

    The final three regular season games were played this past weekend.

  • Friday started off with Guam High’s swift and lethal hit on the JFK Islanders. The Islanders made a game the first half with RB Hernden and WR Jesus both scoring touchdowns to keep JFK within two points. Juwan Jacobs, Terry Geller, Tegan Brown, and Austy Hines performed a 4×100 relay on the Islander’s defense with over 600 yards on offense. LJ Aguon is the offensive MVP hands down neary 1300 yards passing and 200 yards rushing. JFK is better than last year.
  • Okkodo scored 58 points the highest total for the IIAGG regular season. Calvin Muna had a pick-6 and threw a touchdown on a halfback option pass. A total of four pick 6’s were scored by the Okkodo defense. A running clock had to be implemented in second half otherwise Okkodo could of made a threat to FD’s 80 vs. Inarajan 0 record from 1994.
  • The Sharks beat the Friar’s 25-18. Sanchez kept FD scoreless until the late third quarter. Tyler Okiyama threw for 3 touchdowns to rally the Friars to almost tying the game on the last throw. The Shark’s defense though made the defensive stop in the end zone.  Daniel Cruz had another big game for the Sharks.
  • Week 7 Defensive Player of the Week – Calvin Muna – Okkodo DB: Had two pick 6 in win over Dolphins.
  • Week 7 Offensive Player of The Week – Daniel Cruz – Sanchez RB: Back to Back OPOTW for Daniel Cruz who rushed for 242 yards.

Quarterfinal Predictions

  • Sharks Daniel Cruz was off an running for a touchdown. The play got called back on a penalty. (photo by Jose Perez)

    Sharks Daniel Cruz was off an running for a touchdown. The play got called back on a penalty. (photo by Jose Perez)

    Guam will have the distinction of being the first high school playoffs starting in the United States next weekend.

  • Sanchez vs. Southern – Southern’s season is not really about winning anymore. I believe Coach Jaime Rios is the man to eventually change that. Southern will finish 0-7. They are at 0-14 the past two seasons. The returning players will need to train in the offseason via weightlifting, playing others sports, and cardio conditioning. Putting a summer 7-on-7 team would help also. Also, how about the other villages in the South supporting this team by attending the upcoming playoff game. Sanchez is in beast mode. Sanchez 56 Southern 0.
  • FD vs. Okkodo – These two went tooth and nail the first time. I’m picking Okkodo which really would not be an upset. Okkodo 17 FD 16.
  • GW vs. JFK – I expect another close one. JFK 21 GW 20


Power Rankings

  • Guam High (5-1)
  • Sanchez (5-1)
  • FD (4-2)
  • GW (3-3)
  • JFK (2-4)
  • Okkodo (2-4)
  • Southern (0-6)

All Island Bonus

I decided to review the past five all island teams 2009 to 2013 (based on what I could find on internet) and came up with an unofficial Five Year All-Island Football Team.


QB-GH- LJ Aguon (2013) – Aguon gets the nod over Aaron Cosey, Will Williams, and Derrick Santos. LJ started as a punter and debuted in 2011 under center.

RB- GW- Keanu Lujan (2011) – Best offensive rushing season the last five seasons. See the video for proof.

FB- SS- Larry Saralu (2013) – Great runner and blocker.

WR-GH- Matthew Eaton (2011) – His athleticism and game was evident here on Guam. Showed he was D1 caliber moving to the Mainland. Has offers from Navy and Louisiana Monroe. Eaton is a top senior receiver in the State of Mississippi.

WR-GH- Devon Jacobs (2010) – Former Co-Offensive MVP is redshirting at Golden West Junior College this year.

TE-GH- Chance Horvath- (2012) – Relocated to Washington for his senior year. Has a decent shot at playing in college at 6’2 and 230 lbs.

C- SH- Joseph Faustino-(2010) – Someone from Southern had to make the list.

G-GW-Johnny Borja- (2010)

G-SS-Matthew Sojo-(2013)

T-SS- Pele Smau-(2012)

T-GW-Joel Matagolai-(2011)

K-FD- Brian Leon Guerrero- (2013) – The most consistent kicker the last two seasons.

U-FD-William Williams- (2009) – Will played the last three seasons in the MFL and just relocated to San Diego to try college football.


NG-GW-Michael Hocog-(2012) – Boise was a two time defensive MVP

DE-GW-Anselmo Untalan-(2009)-The former defensive MVP is currently playing with the Pepsi Warriors.

DT-SS- Pele Smau-(2012) – Excelled on the defensive side also.

DT-GW- Zachary Lujan-(2010) – 2010 co defensive MVP.

DE-FD-Chris Mallada-(2013)

LB-GW-Stephen Santos-(2009) – Juice was a high school and MFL MVP. Here is some high school footage. Look out for his epic hurdle.

LB- GW-Frank Troy (2012) – Two time all island LB

LB- OH- Justin Santos (2013) – Tough intense LB and a solid kicker.

CB- GW-Jesse Manglona Jr (2009) – Pumpy makes the list.

CB-GW-Kendal Diaz (2010)

S- GH-Tegan Brown (2013) – Four year starter on both sides of the ball.

S- GW-Valiant Borja (2011)

P- JFK -Nikolas Masnayan (2011)

U-OH- Thomas Gutierrez (2012)

Off Island Report

  • Another Matthew Eaton update:


  • #1 Miami Booker T Washington picked up a big win on the road over #25 Las Vegas Bishop Gorman 28-12. Gorman QB is Randall Cunningham Jr the son of the former NFL offensive MVP.
  • Anyone out there who is aware of other players stateside with a Guam connection please let me know!


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