📅22 October 2013
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By Michael Cruz

Gecko defenders keep there eyes on the ball. After an overthrown pass for Austy Hines bounces off Anselmo Untalan and lands in the hands of Kelvin Hocog of the Geckos. (Photo by Jose Perez)

Gecko defenders keep there eyes on the ball. After an overthrown pass for Austy Hines bounces off Anselmo Untalan and lands in the hands of Kelvin Hocog of the Geckos. (Photo by Jose Perez)

Week 9

  • For seven quarters, the Guam High Panthers owned the GW Geckos by the score of 40-8. The Geckos though, rallied while the Panthers systematically fell apart in the last 12 minutes. You have to hand it to geckos Coach Ryan Rios; the geckos lost majority of their starters and had to rely on a young squad this season. The core of players though, always believe in the GW system and good things come to those who wait.  Brendan Santos, Kelvin Hocog, Hank Sablan, Anselmo Untalan, Tevin Santos, Adrian Cruz and Brandon San Agustin all contributed to the miraculous 4th quarter comeback.
  • I honestly picked JFK over GW in the quarterfinals. The reason was I saw that the Geckos were a potential threat to pull the upset over the favored Panthers. With that being said, congratulations to the Guam High Panthers on a successful season. The team produced an offensive MVP, the top passer statically two years straight, and a four time all island selectee. The Panthers will have the most seniors to go on to play college football: LJ Aguon, Tegan Brown, Cody Burpo, Juwan Jacobs. Former players Matthew Eaton and Chance Horvath will also play college football. Even without a championship, this is the best group of seniors to ever come through Guam High School.
  • The Sharks have not lost a game on the field this season. Daniel Cruz has emerged as the best remaining offensive player heading into the Championship game. The Sharks were very impressive in allowing no points against the Bulldogs. The offensive line of Derrick Evangelista, Matthew Sojo, Gerald Santos, Jovan Ignacio, Vau Vaiau, Kamson Chin, Trey Leon, and Carlos Cepeda will go down as one of the best in IIAGG history. Coach Naholowaa and his staff have done another excellent job this season.

    101913 HSFB SSHS v OKD

    Early in the first quarter, Sharks’ running back Daniel Cruz runs the ball to gain yards for his team. (photo by Jesse Castro)

  • Week 9 Defensive Player of the Week – GW – LB-Kelvin Hocog – Secured the interception that led to GW’s offensive winning touchdown. He also provided the quote of the season, “I told my team that I don’t try for third place and if you don’t want it, get off the field now”.
  • Week 9 Offensive Player of the Week- Sanchez Offensive Line – Opened the holes for the Shark’s touchdowns.

3rd Place Prediction

  • Okkodo vs. Guam High – The first meeting was close with the Panthers winning 24-16. The game will feature both MVPs Justin Santos and Juwan Jacobs. I’m predicting another dog fight. Panthers prevail 21-14.
  • GW vs. Sanchez – The rematch of last year’s championship game. Both teams will be well rested for Saturday’s matchup. GW has overachieved this season and Sanchez will not be taking them lightly. The Sharks always go for the kill and will not allow the Geckos to rally. Sanchez 35, GW 21.

Power Rankings

  • Sanchez (7-1)
  • GW (5-3)
  • Guam High (5-2)
  • Okkodo (3-5)
  • FD (4-3)
  • JFK (2-5)
  • Southern (0-7)

Off Island Report

  • Another Matthew Eaton update: Pascagoula (7-1) and #3 in 5A Mississippi.


  • Chance Horvath has 24 tackles in six games for Tumwater (7-0) and #1 in 2A Washington.
  • Anyone out there who is aware of other players stateside with a Guam connection please let me know!


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