📅11 March 2013
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Game #1: St. John’s (32) vs. JFK2 (44)

Top scorers: St. John’s Arvin Flores with 12 points and Edward Santos with 9 points; JFK2’s William Belger with 11 points and Aljurrel Grape with 9 points


Game #2: Father Duenas (70) vs. Southern (26)

Top scorers: FD’s Ethan Yamamoto with 12 points and Joe Gumataotao with 9 points; Southern’s Cody Terlaje and Christian Lopez with 6 points each


Game #3: JFK1 (47) vs. GW (27)

Top scorers: JFK1’s Wayne Jesus with 16 points and Michael Mira with 9 points; GW’s Joshua McCarrel with 11 points and Brendon Santos with 7 points


Game #4: Guam High (43) vs. Simon Sanchez (46)

Top scorers: Guam High’s Brennan Haight with 9 points and Jordan Hunter with 8 points; Simon Sanchez’s Kalvin Vitug and Gio Carino with 13 points each


Game #5: JFK2 (66) vs. Okkodo (69)

Top scorers: JFK2’s William Belger with 19 points and Aljurrel Grape with 14 points; Okkodo’s Vernave Gustilo with 17 points and Aiden Ferrera with 15 points


Game #6: St. John’s (40) vs. Southern (30)

Top scorers: St. John’s Scott Ulloa with 16 points and Aaron Lee with 10 points; Southern’s Cody Terlaje with 6 points and Anthony Dela Cruz with 5 points



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