📅05 August 2013
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By Robert Balajadia

Will Williams

Will Williams

21-year-old football, rugby, and now rising boxing star Will Williams has already become an iconic sports figure on Guam, but now Williams will be leaving the island in hopes of carrying out one of his lifelong dreams, to play football for a state college and make a bigger name not only for himself but for Guam as well.

Williams will be attending college at San Diego Mesa and working with head coach Henry Browne to get ready for the Spring Football Season.  Williams will be working to get into a Division II school or even in the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA/Juco) league.

“I chose to go out to try and get my feet wet, I haven’t been to school since I graduated [high school] and I want to ease into the college lifestyle.  I’m leaving the island because I want to see if my level of play is good enough or can match up to those who play there in the states.  I also want to open up the door for everyone else who may want to follow in my footsteps.”

Williams is in football shape year-round, but credits his advancement in cardio to boxing.  Boxing is a relatively new sport for Williams, who would not mind expanding his boxing career if the opportunity presents itself.

“Training for boxing is awesome, I feel like an athletic machine because the workouts are really great.”

Will Williams is declared the winner of the bout against Keevin Camacho after 3 rounds. (photo by Jesse Castro)

Will Williams is declared the winner of the bout against Keevin Camacho after 3 rounds last December. (photo by Jesse Castro)

Williams credits his interest in boxing to his godbrother who was developing into a well known boxer himself, the late Jake “Iron Man”Tenorio, who passed away earlier this year.

“Me and [Jake] would always mess around and spar when we were younger.  Then Jake started boxing and then I wanted to get into it.  I saw where Jake and Zach (Jake’s younger brother) were going with boxing and how good they were doing and I wanted to get there.”


Family has and will always be one of  Williams’ main reasons for doing what he does, but he tries his best to not have them worry about him.

“My family has been really supportive and I just tell them not to change.  I’m definitely going to miss them, but when they talk about me leaving it makes me get a little soft.  As long as I have their guidance and prayers I’ll be just fine.”

Another role model for Williams has been one of Guam’s most popular football players, fellow quarterback Steve Phillips, who Williams says has been guiding and mentoring him every step of the way.  Of all the football players that have guided Williams throughout his football time on Guam, he explained that Phillips has played biggest and most influential role.

Angels QB Steven Phillips utilizes the lead block of teammate Mike Pangelinan to score the two point conversion in the second quarter. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

Angels QB Steven “SP” Phillips has been a major influence to Williams in his football venture. (GSPN photo)

“I first started playing youth football for the Giants in 2003-04 and was being recruited by FD’s sports director, at the time, Ed Brown.  I didn’t know much about FD except that my brother [Andy] goes there.  I was being told about this great FD football player Steve “SP” Phillips, so I tried to find out as much about him as possible.  I was then finally introduced to Phillips by Jesse Pinkston and since then [SP] has been working with me and has had the biggest impact on me playing football.  Knowing his journey and everything he has accomplished makes me want to excel and even get to bigger and greater things.”

With all the Guam athletes making strides on the national scene, Williams hopes to join the small cast in putting Guam athletes on the national sports map.

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