📅04 October 2015
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By GSPN Staff

The 2015 high school football regular season is officially in the books as all eight teams prepare for the playoff grind.

As all teams anxiously await their first playoff game, another nerve splitting event, the All-Island selections for the regular season awards, are less than 24 hours away.

GSPN will be present for the official 2015 selections with updated picks coming live on the website. In the meantime, the football beat writers at GSPN have compiled a list of who they feel are amongst the leagues top players.

GSPN All Star Football List

Offensive MVP – Michael Jake Benito FD Friars, Fullback (Senior)

Rookie fullback Jake Benito had no idea he would be an integral part of the dangerous FD Friars run game, especially since he’s never taken a football snap in a game prior until opening week against the JFK Islanders. Seven games later, Benito has become the team’s most consistent runner while leading the league in touchdowns scored earning him the 2015 GSPN Offensive MVP. Benito has picked up a lot of the hard yardage, along with running mate Leon Shimizu, with feature back De’Aundre Cruz nursing injuries half the season.


FD Friars fullback Michael Jake Benito GSPN Offensive MVP

Defensive MVP – Damon Hocog GW Geckos, Linebacker (Senior)

Like his two older brothers before him, Damon Hocog has become the league’s most valuable defensive player. A sure tackle on every hit, Hocog rotates everywhere on the defense from the line to linebackers while also taking snaps on offense. The heavy workload shows how much head coach Ryan Rios relies on Hocog to anchor the defense. The league’s best defense is no doubt the FD Friars with five shutouts, but if you take just one player out of the ‘Maroon Wall’, someone else will step up and get the job done. If you take Hocog out of the defensive lineup for the Geckos then they are a different team entirely.


GW Geckos linebacker Damon Hocog, GSPN Defensive MVP

1st Team Offense
QB – Brendan Santos GW Geckos (Senior)
RB – Leon Shimizu FD Friars (Junior)
RB – Marcus Manglona JFK Islanders (Junior)
FB – Jake Benito FD Friars (Senior)
WR – Devin Sudo FD Friars (Senior)
WR – Noah Blas GW Geckos (Senior)
TE – Isaiah Macias GW Geckos (Senior)
OL – Luis Hofsnieder GW Geckos (Senior)
OL – Alex Shinohara FD Friars (Senior)
OL – Cameron Calloway Southern Dolphins (Senior)
OL – Devin Tuncap FD Friars (Senior)
OL – Henry Lizama Sanchez Sharks (Senior)

Quarterback – Geckos quarterback Brendan Santos shoulders the offensive load for the GW Geckos with every touchdown this season being a product of Santos’ playmaking ability. A pass first QB that can outrun defensive ends to avoid sacks are a few of the tools Santos has over the competition.

Runners – Friar runners Jake Benito and Leon Shimizu have each reached over 100 yards on multiple occasions and no player in the league has more touchdowns called back than Shimizu this season (five). Joining them is JFK workhorse Marcus Manglona, who gets the Islanders run game churning. Friar runner De’Aundre Cruz missed three straight weeks of action, though he did amass over 400 yards and five touchdowns, which hindered the selection process.

Pass Catchers –  Friar receiver Devin Sudo may walk away with just one catch a night, but his catches are momentum changing. Sudo does have two touchdowns on the season, but his ability to pluck the ball away from defenders in jump ball situations, kudos to his basketball background, gives FD a threat in the passing game. Gecko Noah Blas has been the most beneficial target from Santos, becoming the Geckos lead target in the passing game. Blas can get open on a streak route if needed and can be a possession receiver from the slot all the same. Gecko tight end Isaiah Macias is also the most efficient catching tight end in the league as most others are used in blocking situation.

Offensive Line – The bulky Friar run and pass blockers of Alex Shinohara and Devin Tuncap get it done on the line which translates to the league’s best run game. Geckos Luis Hofsnieder has the task of keeping the defense away from Santos and Santos’ production is a direct result of Hofsnieder and the rest of the lines efforts. Southern’s Cameron Calloway’s height and size is already an intimidating feature, but he’s even harder to get around which is why the Dolphins run the ball as close behind him as possible. Sharks first-year lineman Henry Lizama’s work will often go unnoticed, but the senior has earned his stripes by protecting the Sharks ball carriers and passers despite his previous experiences only coming from youth football.

1st Team Defense
LB – Damon Hocog GW Geckos (Senior)
LB – Joaquin Mesa FD Friars (Junior)
LB – Sage Garcia JFK Islanders (Junior)
DL – R.J. Rokop FD Friars (Senior)
DL – Keith ’Trip’ Chauret Guam High Panthers (Senior)
DL – Pierre Aflague FD Friars (Junior)
DL – Mason Pangelinan GW Geckos Junior (Senior)
CB – Roy Taimanglo FD Friars Senior (Senior)
CB – Mark Lao Okkodo Bulldogs (Senior)
S – Bryton Cepeda FD Friars (Senior)
S – Nolan Chamberlain JFK Islanders (Senior)

Linebackers – Geckos Damon Hocog, Friars Joaquin Mesa and Islander Sage Garcia are always amongst their team’s tackle leaders. Plug in any of the three in any type of defense and you’ll remember their number having seen it on just about every offensive play. Mesa and Hocog are also dangerous pass rushers collecting over five sacks each this season and Garcia doesn’t let many things get past him.

Pass Rushers – Speed and power are the make up of three of the top linemen in Friar R.J. Rokop, Panther Trip Chuaret and Gecko Mason Pangelinan. Each are pass rushing specialists that are also tough to get past when running the ball given their blazing quickness. The fourth, Pierre Aflague, is a towering figure and a force of nature. Aflague’s presence alone forces offenses to gameplay around him, freeing up the linebackers to pick apart the defense.

Cornermen  – Being a good cornerback in a run dominated league is tough, which means you have to be adept in run support. Taimanglo and Lao both are gaudy pass defenders but both have prove to be ball crashing corners that prevent big plays from happening.

Safties – Friar Bryton Cepeda leads the league in interceptions with four picks on the season. He transitioned to defense after his sophomore year and Cepeda relishes in the back as the Friars last line of defense. Islander Nolan Chamberlain is a head-first safety that’s not afraid to crash the line to make the defensive stop.

1st Special Teams
Kicker – Jerome Artero FD Friars (Senior)
Punter – Aiden Ferrara Okkodo Bulldogs (Senior)
Return – Leo Diaz Tiyan Titans (Junior)

Friars kicker Jerome Artero makes the most of his opportunities. A sure-leg extra point kicker, Artero has proven he’s good from 35 yards out. Return man Leo Diaz rocked the house when he scored on the GW Geckos to take the lead for the Tiyan Titans, and he’s been given plenty of opportunities to show his strength in the return game.

2nd Team Offense
QB – Daniel Philips FD Friars (Sophomore)
RB – De’Aundre Cruz FD Friars (Sophomore)
RB – Ryan Quitugua GW Geckos (Senior)
FB – Sean Gomez JFK Islanders (Junior)
WR – Tre Leon Sanchez Sharks (Senior)
WR – Xavier Richardson Guam High (Junior)
TE – Cole Merfalen FD Friars (Senior)
OL – Ronald Leuma Guam High Panthers (Freshman)
OL – Jeremiah Pinaula FD Friars (Junior)
OL – Tristan Chiguina Okkodo Bulldogs (Senior)
OL – Dylan Salas Sanchez Sharks (Senior)
OL – Darwin Sablan GW Geckos (Senior)

2nd Team Defense
LB – Dylan Tenorio Southern Dolphins (Senior)
LB – Chris Naputi JFK Islanders (Senior)
LB – Frankie Tenorio FD Friars (Senior)
DL – Antwon Palacios JFK Islanders (Junior)
DL – Kobe Tupaz FD Friars (Senior)
DL – Arthur Nedlic Okkodo Bulldogs Senior (Senior)
DL – Amiotonu San Nicolas FD Friars (Junior)
CB – Noah Blas GW Geckos (Senior)
CB – Xavier Richardson Guam High Panthers (Junior)
S – Leo Diaz Tiyan Titans (Junior)
S – Joshua Cruz Okkodo Bulldogs (Senior)

2nd Special Teams
Kicker – Aiden Ferrara Okkodo Bulldogs (Senior)
Return – Devin Sudo FD Friars (Senior)

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