📅18 August 2012
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By Regina Shiroma

Falcons’ Devin Duenas broke into the open field for this 69-yard run before getting tackled by Angels’ Royce Thomas just a few yards shy of the touchdown. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

The Guam National Youth Football Federation officially kicked off its season Saturday at the UOG field with the Angels and the Northern Falcons, and the Jets versus the Saints at Eagle field, all going head to head in their respective divisions.

The Angels swept the younger divisions, however they were unable to take the win in the Matua division. What better way to start the 2012 season for the Falcons, who only won two out of their ten games last season, than by defeating one of last year’s top competitors, the Angels.

The Falcons scored midway through the fourth quarter to break the long-lasting tie and buckled down on defense to squeeze out a 13-6 win over the Angels.

Falcons’ Jaythaniel Cruz goes head-to-head (literally) with Angels’ Jessekarl Cruz to stop a short run in the second quarter. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

Going three quarters with the score tied at six, both teams desperately tried to put points up on the board in the closing minutes. The Falcons came close a few times; they even came as close as the one-yard line following a 69-yard run by Devin Duenas. But the relentless Angels defense held them for four downs, forcing a turnover with just four minutes left in the quarter. The Angels tried to get into their groove but the numerous fumbles due to the muddy conditions cut their efforts short.

With five minutes and two seconds left in the game, Duenas broke the silence and ran into the end zone for a 43-yard touchdown run. Jaythaniel Cruz swooped to the outside for the extra point, making the score 13-6.

Falcons’ Joseph Deleon Guerrero makes the choking tackle on Angels’ Darrien Campos. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

Now that the Angels had possession, they were pressed for time in trying to make a miracle comeback. As there were only 38 seconds left in the game, the Angels began to move down the field. Angels quarterback, Brendan Santos, connected with running back, Darrien Campos, for a 30-yard reception that moved the line of scrimmage up to the 50-yard line. However, the Falcons defense sacked Santos and and then forced him to throw the ball away. With two seconds left, the Angels had time for one last play. Santos threw a pass to the sideline where intended receiver Royce Thomas was waiting, but the pass fell short diminishing their chance for the win.

The Angels scored their first touchdown in the first quarter off a 14-yard play action pass from Campos to Jose Santos, allowing them to take the 6-0 lead. Falcons Chris Naputi tied the game at 6-all after running a 53 yard run into the end zone.

http://iconnectasia.com/iconnectguam/In the other divisions:

Mandikiki Angels def. Falcons 42-14

Manha Angels def. Falcons 39-0

Metgot Angels def. Falcons 41-7

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