📅18 July 2012
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By Regina Shiroma

Giants second baseman Vince Delgado chases down Silverados’ Rick Miner to make the tag. (photo by Errol Alegre Jr.)

The PacSports Giants are the unofficial champions of the Masters Baseball League as there are still two protests that have yet to be resolved.

But as for now, the two-time defending champions, the PacSports Giants, claimed their third title in a row after an 8-6 comeback win over the Chevrolet Silverados. After the numerous heated arguments between the blues, the managers, and players, the MBL came to a close after seven and a half innings of play at Paseo Stadium.

The Silverados put up an impressive defensive stand in the first through fifth innings. The Silverados looked to take home the title after they built up a 6-1 lead in the top of the fifth. At the bottom of the fifth, Silverados shortstop, Sean Earl, silenced the Giant fans with a well-timed double play to mark the first two outs. Building on Earl’s momentum, Silverado’s relief pitcher Tom Duenas ended the inning with a strikeout.

Giants’ runner Daryl Masnayon beats the tag by Silverados second baseman Rich Masnayon, his older brother. (photo by Errol Alegre Jr.)

Though the Giants were down by five runs, they did not waiver. Giants’ Richard Martinez began the scoring spree in the bottom of the fifth, hitting a two RBI single to bring home Ray Aguon and Vince Delgado. Daryl Masnayon hit an RBI single into left field, bringing in Albert Roialul to make the score 6-4 at the bottom of the fifth. But the Giants weren’t finished just yet.

They would go on to tally run after run, one after the other, sending the Giants side in an uproar. Vince Delgado was able to make it to second off an error by Silverados first baseman Mike Alcantara; simultaneously, teammate Fernando Diaz stepped onto home plate. Martinez hit another single to bring his Giants to a 6-6 tie with the Silverados. Standing at third base, Ray Aguon was able to advance on a throwing error to second base by Silverados catcher, James Muna. At this point, the Giants took the lead for the first time in the game, 7-6.  For the Giants’ final score, Pete Bautista hit an RBI single deep into right field. pitcher, Paul Carbullido, pitched three innings and two strikeouts, while giving up one run and two hits. Losing pitcher Rick Miner, pitched 2/3 and gave up three runs and two hits.

The teams are protesting an illegal and improper substitution that occurred in the bottom of the sixth. Teams have 24 hours to submit their official protest, and the MBL protest committee will decide on a verdict. Be sure to check back with GSPN for the final result.

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