📅10 October 2012
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By Errol Alegre, Jr.

Harvest’s Nalathai Vongjalorn prepares to drive the ball in their last match of the season. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

The St. Thomas Aquinas Lions golfers came into the 2012 IIAAG high school golf season prepared and ready to rival the FD Friars who have been riding on a seven-year win streak. After giving FD their only loss earlier in the season and narrowly defeating Harvest Tuesday afternoon at the Admiral Nimitz golf course, the Lions dethroned the Friars by taking first place and ending the season with no losses.

“It feels awesome! Just to have these great kids here and for them to play for my team. I’m proud of them, very proud of them,” explained Lions’ coach, Teddy Gogue, on finishing the season with no losses.

With three draws to their record and no losses the Lions knew they had to win each match-up against Harvest to prevent FD from extending their streak to eight. After Lions’ Teddy Gogue, Jr. and Terrence Camacho defeated their respective opponents, it was all up to teammate Spencer Steffy to win his nail-biting battle against Eagles’ Nathan Ada. It was definitely an off day for Steffy as he found many easy shots stray away from the hole but in the end, he and Ada ended with a tie.

FD senior Redge Camacho looks on at his shot after driving the ball in his last hole of the regular season. (Errol Alegre, Jr.)

“It feels good [to win]. I just have to keep practicing my short game  because that’s what counts,” stated Gogue, Jr. about his performance on the day and his preparation for All-Island.

The Friars and Lions are both awaiting for confirmation on who finished the season on top. Be sure to check back with GSPN to see who will be crowned champs.

In other matches:

St. Thomas def. Harvest
Terence Camacho (St. Thomas) def. Jordan Santos (HCA) 3-2
Spencer Steffy (St. Thomas) vs. Nathan Ada (HCA) 3-3
Teddy Gogue Jr. (St. Thomas) def. Khaim Vongjalorn (HCA) 3-2

Nalathai Vongjalorn (HCA) def. Rachael Peterson (St. Thomas) 2-1
Juna Otani (St. Thomas) def. Amara Gosnell (HCA) 3-0

FD def. Guam High
Redge Camacho (FD) def. Austin Gamboa (GH) 4-0
Ricardo Terlaje (FD) def. Alexander Ashton (GH) 5-0
Koby Aiphios (FD) def. King Bansil (GH) 4-0
Eric Tenorio (FD) def. Skyler Bagwell (GH) 4-0

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