📅10 April 2013
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PRESS RELEASE – With PXC’s Featherweight Champ, Joe Taimanglo, relocating to California and signing with Belator, PXC has decided to position 4 of their top fighters in the Featherweight Division against each other to decide who will be the new Champ! Taimanglo was slated to fight the undefeated Mark Striegl, but was released to Belator in order to pursue a title in the US mainland. Another PXC Featherweight, Hawaii’s Dustin Kimura, recently picked up a debut victory in The UFC, opening up PXC’s Featherweight Division for new stars to compete for the title. PXC

The tournament will feature some of the most-respected names in Asia-Pacific Mixed Martial Arts, and should make for 2 outstanding matches at PXC-37, slated for May 18th in Manila, Philippines. The winners are scheduled to face each other in a Title Fight in August.

Representing the Philippines, and one of the favorites in the tournament, is undefeated Filipino-American, Mark Striegl, who trains out of Figth Corps MMA in Baguio City, Philippines. Striegl’s last victory was last November against Hawaii’s Harris Sarmiento, who currently holds the PXC Lightweight Belt and sometimes fights at Featherweight as well. With that victory, Striegl established himself as the top contender for Taimanglo’s Title. And with over 700,000 viewers of that bout in the country, Striegl has become a household name and the top prospects to The UFC from the Philippines. Striegl also spent considerable time training and studying in Japan and has fought in several leagues throughout Asia building up a large fan base while collecting 12 wins as a professional.

Baby Joe Taimanglo works the clinch against Hawaii's Harris Sarmiento during the PXC 27 main event Oct. 29, 2011. (GSPN photo)

Baby Joe Taimanglo works the clinch against Hawaii’s Harris Sarmiento during the PXC 27 main event Oct. 29, 2011. (GSPN photo)

Recently signing with PXC with a mission to beat Striegl is Shooto Champion, Yusuke Yachi from the famed Krazy Bee team in Tokyo, Japan. Yachi Yusuke has incredible technique both on his feet and on the ground  and his extremely aggressive fighting style and conditioning is expected to make this Striegl’s toughest bout to date. At the young age of 22, Yusuke trains alongside UFC Fighter, “Kid” Yamamoto, and is also talked about as one of the top prospects to The UFC from Asia…but determined to add the PXC Featherweight belt to his trophy case.

Representing South Korea is one of the best MMA fighters in Seoul training in the most-respected camp, Korean Top Team (KTT). “The Beast”, Jang Yong Kim has fought in Korea and Japan before signing with PXC and has recorded wins in PXC’s Featherweight Division against Harris Sarmiento, Raja Shippen, and Fasie Jessie. His last fight was a loss against Joe Taimanglo for the Featherweight Title almost a year ago and this is Kim’s opportunity to regain momentum and position himself for another PXC Featherweight Title Fight in August.

Finally, ready to stand up against Kim is Hawaii’s Nate Thorell, a rising star from 808 Fight Factory in Honolulu with an impressive 4-1 record as a professional. Standing almost 6 feet tall, Thorell has experienced fighting elite grapplers and continues to train against some of the best in the world from Hawaii. Thorell has quick striking ability from any angle and incredible endurance. The only question is how he plans to deal with Kim’s aggressive takedown and submission offensive.

PXC-37 is presented by San Mig Strong Ice and Sports 5. With special thanks to Axe Apollo, PLDT MY DSL, Fitness First, FHM Philippines,, Premiere Condoms, Healthway Agility Phil, Beer Below Zero, Real Sports Radio,, Filquest Media Concepts, Eden Night Club, SM Tickets and TicketWorld.

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