📅09 October 2013
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By Jesse Pinkston

Idra Gold Club. (courtesy photo)

Paya Indra Gold Club in Shanghai. (courtesy photo)

The 79th Singha Thailand Amateur Open kicked off at the beautiful Panya Indra Golf Club.  Top amateur golfers from 15 countries, roughly 90 men and 90 women, will take on the breathtaking courses.  The tournament is individual, medal play format (lowest total score) after 4 rounds.

The Guam National Golf Federation is proud to send their top two players, T.J. Hubert and Daryl Poe to represent our island.  “The GNGF receives invitations to multiple tournaments per year ie. Thailand Am. Open. They then select the team or representatives based off of an accumulative points system,” states Hubert.

Training for a huge golf tournament, like any sport, is mental and physical.  Hubert has spent 85% of his time working on his short game shots.  “Putting, chipping, and pitching.  Then I play at least four rounds of golf a week and practice my short game the other three.  I was jogging three miles a day, and doing circuit training late last year.  However I was focusing way too much on my body and neglecting my golf game.”

Mentally, Hubert has been preparing by reading a book entitled “Golf is not a game of perfect” written by Dr. Bob Rotella.  “He’s one of the best sport psychologists ever!  Other than that, mental strength in my opinion comes from experience.”

And experience Hubert has.  This is his second go-around and is more than ready to compete and humbly represent Guam.  “Last year the slot to represent feel into my lap, I knew my game wasn’t ready, BUT I wanted to go just to feel the pressure, and see what we’re up against.  It was the best experience of my golfing life to date!  I knew exactly what I needed to do, PRACTICE.  This year I’m 100% percent better than last year and ready to see what I can do!”

Hubert’s current U.S.G.A. handicap is .08, the lowest in his career.  Going into this tournament feeling confident and prepared, Hubert has goals to push for such as, making it as a touring professional, being a role model for other athletes on Guam, travel the world through golf, giving back to the community as well as the GNGF. “I’m excited and ready!  Not too nervous, especially compared to last year.  I think it’s because I’m prepared this time!”

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