📅31 March 2013
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Marathon runner Marie Benito has been setting the standard for female runners on Guam for decades. She just won the 42nd GRC Guam Marathon in 3 hours, 32 minutes, 49 seconds – her 18th marathon completed. GSPN takes a look at another side of the 1996 Olympic marathoner.

Q: Celebrity crush?Marie Benito

A: George Clooney

Q: If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be?

A: The Pope

Q: Song you hate the most?

A: Gangnam Style. I actually like it, but it got overplayed after a while.

Q: Go-to karaoke song?

A: I’m a great observer of people who sing, but I keep the mic far away.

Q: Favorite boy band of all time?

A: Jackson 5 were kinda cute. I saw them in person back in the ‘70’s (in California).

Q: Favorite TV character of all time?

A: Way back when, Lucille Ball. More modern male: Frazier.Marie in Maui

Q: Food you refuse to eat?

A: There’s not too many things I refuse. I got to say liver.

Q: Most slices of pizza you’ve eaten in one sitting?

A: Probably two, maybe three.

Q: Favorite Chamorro dish?

A: Too many. Birenghenas (egg plant)!

Q: Pre-marathon meal.

A: Pasta the night before. I’m boring.

Q: What mile in the marathon do you start to get tired?

A: It all depends. Probably mile 20. The last six is always the hardest.

Q: First 3-5 websites you check after logging onto the internet?


Q: If you could trade places with one athlete, who would it be?

A: I admire (5-time Olympic swimmer) Dara Torres, because she’s similar in age, has kids and she still manages to come at the top of her game. I’d be curious to see how her lifestyle is.

Q: Funniest Guam athlete you know?

A: My husband (Mike).

Q: How many marathons do you intend to run?

A: I haven’t really set a goal, but as long as I’m healthy, I’m hoping to run marathons into my golden years. There’s really nothing to hold you back.

NOTES: Benito’s first marathon was the 1990 Honolulu Marathon done in 3 hours, 31 minutes. 23 years later, her marathon time is just one minute off…She will be participating in the Guam International Half Marathon on April  7…her personal record is 3:06:41 to qualify for the ’96 Olympics.

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