📅05 January 2013
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By Errol Alegre, Jr.

After two years without pre-season basketball action, the Okkodo girls and boys basketball teams took host and have coordinated a successful pre-season basketball tournament with seven high school teams showcasing their potential for the upcoming 2012-2013 season at the Okkodo gymnasium.

The seven teams participating in this year’s event are the Friars, Panthers, Sharks, Bulldogs, Warriors, Royals, and Knights.

Despite the last minute coordination, tournament coordinator Mar DeGuzman explained how the event has brought out good competition thus far, “It’s been very good, better than I expected. The teams and players are playing good and are getting better prepared for the upcoming season.”

The tournament also serves as a second-round game for the schools that only play each other once during the two division, two round bracketing of the regular IIAAG high school basketball season. DeGuzman further explained, “We tried to match up the two divisions, the Gadao and Taga divisions. We [the Okkodo Bulldogs] only play the Southern schools once during the season. So we tried to match up these teams so that they can get their second game in.”

The double-elimination tournament began on Wednesday with all seven teams looking to avoid the double elimination. The 40-minute games will continue Saturday with Okkodo vs. St. John’s at 10:00A.M., Guam High vs. ND at 11:15A.M., and FD vs. St. Paul at 12:30P.M. Third place game is set to take place on Sunday at 2:00P.M. followed by the championship game on Monday at 6:00P.M. All games are being held at the Okkodo gym.

DeGuzman is certain that there will be another pre-season tournament next year. If no other school will host the tournament, then the Okkodo basketball teams will take host once again.


Guam High def. Sanchez 54-52
FD def. Okkodo 48-46
St. Paul def. ND 54-23

Okkodo def. Sanchez 57-38
St. Paul def. St. John’s 57-42
FD def. Guam High 54-48


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