📅16 July 2014
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By Jeffrey Ochavillo

The Class of 2013 just accomplished something no team has been able to do for the past five years which is knock the Class of 2006 out of the playoffs, more importantly denying them a chance at repeating as FD Alumni Tournament champs for the fifth straight year. In a game that came down to the wire, Class of 2013 were able to spark up in the last stretch with clutch plays on both ends of the court, sealing the win and chance at the title. Later that evening, Class of 2004 shoot their way past 2000/2001 after nearly coming back in the 2nd half.

2013 – 58, 2006 – 51

After a series of defensive lapses that allowed 2013’s John Baza, Michael Sakazaki and John Onedera easy baskets at the rim throughout the first half, 2006 managed to pull together midway through the second half under two minutes left after Brian Aflague hit a three pointer to cut the lead down 44-43.

’06’s leading scorers Julius Yu and Rob Leon Guerrero were both forced to miss the later parts of the game due to fouling out.

2006 had been in many situations when they were down before and Aflague’s three seemed to give the five-time champs the turn around they needed. Although, the comeback fell short after three consecutive turnovers that led to points for 2013 forcing 2006 to play the foul game which they could not comeback from.

Baza had a game high 18 points while Sakazaki finished with 17. Yu led 2006 with 15 points.

“It was one of those hard fought games challenging a more experience team. We really respected them coming into this tournament but we had to make it our championship game. It was a true test facing a team like 2006 but we just had to pull together as a team. Everything we do is a team effort rather than having one player doing all the work,” said Baza.

“Defeating the champions is a great accomplishment but we still have a long road ahead of us from where we want to be. We will just continue to take it one game at a time and play every game like it’s our last because it really could be,” continued Baza

79/80 – 47, 85/86/87 – 29

The game came very close in the start of the first half as both teams started making back-to-back buckets to constantly changing the lead. However, Class of 79-80 started to pull away with a 9-0 run from the help of Joe Javellana, Martin Santos and Noy Javellana.

In the closing minute of the opening half, 79/80 continued to go on a run and stopped any scoring for 85/86/76 since midway through the game. Santos had drawn the shooting foul and the basket but missed the free throw, but was rebounded by Terlaje who took the contact to go back to the line where he made one of two shots to bring the lead to 25- 13.

Noy was fouled in the last seconds of the game where he hit both free throws to end the half with a good 16-2 run in the last 5 minutes to give them the 27-13 lead.

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Guahan Soldier Player of the Game Joe Javellana – scoring a game-high 12 points in the victory.

In the second half, 85/86/87 tried to make a run with Tim Aguon getting the swipe on Santos and Aguon took off going coast-to-coast to make the layup to start the half still trailing 29-15. However, they still faced difficulties in the defensive end having a hard time containing the movement of 79/80.

It was already too big of a lead for 85/86/87 to overcome as the Class of 79/80 toppled them with a final score of 47-29. In the winning effort, Joe Javellana led all scorers with a game-high of 12 giving him and his team an appearance in Wednesday’s quarterfinals.

2004 – 57, 2000/2001 – 43

It had seemed as if 2004 would have an easy run in the game after starting off with a 13-0 lead thanks to the combined shooting effort of Will Stinnett and Matt Leon Guerrero, but 2000/2001 were relentless on a comeback bringing down the double digit lead from the 2nd half down to a six-point game after taking advantage of missed free throws.

Up 35-16 in the beginning of the 2nd half, 2004 allowed ‘00/01 to go on a 7-0 run with three pointers from Frankie Perez and Nick Santos. Feeling the pressure, ’04 started to get things moving with a bank shot form Bill Mesa to bring the lead back to 39-27.

Midway through the half, Class of 2000/2001’s Bernard Valera drove baseline making the well-contested layup and getting the foul, thus converting the three-point play to bring the lead down to nine. Few minutes later, Colin Perez spotted up in front of the arc and made the jumper to cut the lead down to 33-41 with seven minutes left in the game.

Guahan Soldier player of the game William Stinnett - finished with 17 points and was key in early and late runs for 2004.

Guahan Soldier player of the game William Stinnett – finished with 17 points and was key in early and late runs for 2004.

Turnovers were costly for ’04 as their lead was brought down to just six (making it a two-possession game after Valera drained the two free throws.

With three minutes left in the game, 04 made a late push down the stretch going on a 8-0 run with layups from Chris Santos, Manibusan and Stinnett, bringing their lead back to 48- 37.

With only seconds left in the game, 2000/2001 resorted to fouling to stop the clock and sent 2004 to the free throw line for free throws, but it was already too far of a lead to make a comeback. Therefore, sealing the 57-43 victory for 2004 and giving them another game appearance in tomorrow’s quarterfinals.


74 v. 84 – 5 pm – Milestone Game
2009 v. 430 – 6 pm
91/98 v. 2012 – 7:10 pm
2013 v. 79/80 – 8:20 pm
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