📅28 March 2014
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By Michael Cruz

I found an interesting website recently called . I decided to research where some fighters are in the rankings. The website is based on Combat Intelli-rating and ranking system (CIRRS). The system is updated weekly with up to 500 fighters per ranking. Rankings were updated as of March 23.

Rambaa Somdet
Record: 12-2-0
Weight Class: Strawweight
Ranking: 1 out of 15 retrieved at
Somdet had to withdraw from PXC 43 due to herniated disk suffered during training. He still retains his number one status and will fight for the vacant flyweight belt at later date.

Louis Smolka
Record: 7-0
Weight Class: Flyweight
Ranking: 11 out of 150 retrieved at
Smolka the four fight PXC veteran debuted with a unanimous decision win over Alptekin Ozkillic at UFC Fight Night 35 on January 15. He is scheduled to face UFC veteran May 10 at UFC Fight Night 41.

Roldan Sangcha’an
Record: 4-0
Weight Class: Flyweight
Ranking: 50 out of 150 retrieved at
Roldan was supposed to fight Somdet at PXC 43.

Shane Alvarez
Record: 10-1
Weight Class: Flyweight
Ranking: 97 out of 150 retrieved at
Pikaboo earned a split decision win over a very game Jay Tenorio at PXC 42.

Ali Cali
Record: 5-2
Weight Class: Flyweight
Ranking: 124 out of 150 retrieved at
The young gun returns to PXC 43 and will face Ernesto Montilla.

Russell Doane
Record: 13-3
Weight Class: Bantamweight
Ranking: 24 out of 250 retrieved at
The PXC veteran Doane has rebounded with two straight wins in TPF 17 and UFC Fight Night 34.

Michinori Tanaka
Record: 9-0
Weight Class: Bantamweight
Ranking: 31 out of 250 retrieved at
Tanaka signed with the UFC in February.

Dustin Kimura
Record: 11-1
Weight Class: Bantamweight
Ranking: 68 out of 250 retrieved at
Kimura fights George Roop at UFC- The Ultimate Fighter Nations Finale on April 16.

Kyle Aguon
Record: 6-4
Weight Class: Bantamweight
Ranking: 107 out of 250 retrieved at
Aguon is back in contention for a PXC title shot with Doane and Tanaka leaving for the UFC.

Alvin Cacdac
Record: 14-10
Weight Class: Bantamweight
Ranking: 130 out of 250 retrieved at
How about Aguon vs Cacdac?

Jang Young Kim
Record: 8-5-1
Weight Class: Featherweight
Ranking: 64 out of 250 retrieved at
Kim on a three fight winning streak.

Joe Taimanglo
Record: 19-5-1
Weight Class: Featherweight
Ranking: 68 out of 450 retrieved at
Baby Joe will move down to Bantamweight to face Rob Emerson on April 11 at Bellator 116.

Will Chope
Record: 19-6
Weight Class: Featherweight
Ranking: 151 out of 450 retrieved at
Chope gets the UFC pink slip for past conduct in the Air Force. Retrieved at

Mark Striegl
Record: 12-1
Weight Class: Featherweight
Ranking: 238 out of 450 retrieved at
Mugen lost by submission to Kim in his last fight.

Rolando Gabriel Dy Navaraette
Record: 4-2
Weight Class: Featherweight
Ranking: 436 out of 450 retrieved at
I would like to see Dy and Boom rematch at the UOG fieldhouse.

Frank Camacho
Record: 12-2
Weight Class: Lightweight
Ranking: 163 out of 500 retrieved at
Camacho should be in line for a shot at the vacant PXC lightweight title.

Jon Tuck
Record: 7-1
Weight Class: Lightweight
Ranking: 289 out of 500 retrieved at
Tuck is on a UFC roster that is stacked with 97 fighters. Hopefully, we will see him fight on a UFC card in 2014.

Eduardo Folayang
Record: 13-4
Weight Class: Lightweight
Ranking: 337 out of 500 retrieved at
Folyang now fights in the One FC organization.

Hyun Gyu Lim
Record: 12-4-1
Weight Class: Welterweight
Ranking: 67 out of 500 retrieved at
Lim put up a courageous effort in decision loss to Tarec Saffiedene in January at UFC Fight Night 34.

Robert Washington
Record: 17-8
Weight Class: Welterweight
Ranking: 269 out of 500 retrieved at
Washington has won two straight in Shamrock Promotions.

Josh Calvo
Record: 8-3
Weight Class: Welterweight
Ranking: 277 out of 500 retrieved at
Calvo withdrew from a November 2013 fight versus DeMarquis Johnson due to an undisclosed injury.

Herman Terrado
Record: 11-3
Weight Class: Welterweight
Ranking: 457 out of 500 retrieved at
Terrado will return at Bellator 115 on April 4 versus Justin Baesman.

Roque Martinez
Record: 6-4-1
Weight Class: Heavyweight
Ranking: 176 out of 250 retrieved at
Martinez is still on the road to full recovery from his surgically repaired ankle.



Hyung Gu Lim has presented the UFC with very entertaining fights. (GSPN file photo)

Hyung Gu Lim has presented the UFC with very entertaining fights. (Courtesy photo)


Russell Doane gets ready to battle Kyle Aguon. (GSPN file photo)


Rambaa Somdett tops the rankings at fight matrix. (GSPN file photo)


Josh Calvo got the biggest win of his young MMA career over UFC veteran.


Michinori Tanaka was the latest PXC fighter to get a call to the UFC. (GSPN file photo)


Will Chope was recently dropped by the UFC for military discharge. (GSPN file photo)


Frank “The Crank” Camacho has been a fan favorite for many years. (GSPN file photo)


Shane Alvarez is climbing up the PXC rankings. (GSPN file photo)

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