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This week on the reporter column: Avoiding injury, JV Volleyball is still important, Women in sports media, and the on flied personality of high school football players!

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The GSPN reporter column gives our writers the freedom to express their views, which is often not related or associated with the views of those teams, players, coaches, or fans mentioned in their chosen topics. The reporter column is purely presented for our fans to get to see the men and women behind the normal game-to-game stories with fun, informative, and even controversial topics.


On-Field Football Personality

By Robert Balajadia

RobbySportsmanship is defined as taking part in a sport as a professional.

The meaning is pretty straight forward and each player in a certain sport is often taught good sportsmanship from their earliest age of involvement with a sport to their last. Even the highest talents in the world are supposed to act within a good sportsmanship manner.

The brief altercation between the GW Geckos and Guam High Panthers was, as diction defines it, not a great showing of sportsmanship and both sides can easily be held accountable. The situation was dealt with by their coaches and by now both teams have surely put that behind them.

Was it really a bad showing of sportsmanship or was that just a common personality of contact sports? It’s not completely fair to judge an athlete by their on-field actions, although, more power to those athletes who are able to keep their emotions in check and a player who shows aggression on the field don’t always mean they are an aggressive person off the field.

No high school athlete on Guam has openly stated malice towards any player, team, or person on the opposing sideline after any game thus far. There will always be a little bit of trash talking during the game, but don’t all the great rivalries involve a bit of bad blood which in turn drives both teams to compete at their best? Fans of sports know the best games are played against their rivals.

In the case of high school football, we are asking young individuals to carry themselves as professionals. We are asking young individuals who stare out a tiny cage to tame themselves. We are asking young individuals who are taught to go out and hit people to display a personality that clashes with their inner adrenaline and will to win a game.

It’s not pretty for the losing team to go out and spend all that energy just to lose a game, so emotions are expected to run high. These players are not playing for a contract or sponsorship, but instead for hardware to validate all their sacrifices, time, and emotions spent on an entire season.

In no way is it acceptable to start fights in the middle of a football game and the athletes should know better, but altercations shouldn’t be a complete surprise. If a player at the end of the game was able to participate in the after team handshakes then shouldn’t that be enough sportsmanship?

Everything on the field should stay on the field and if  there are any altercations outside of the game, well then that’s on the players overall character.

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Being A Women In Sports Journalism

By Jesse Pinkston Santos

JesseMy dream job was to be a sideline reporter for ESPN, but hey, I’ll take the next best thing!  I love being a sideline reporter/feature writer for GSPN.  Working in sports is one of my passions.  There is nothing quite as satisfying as delivering a well-written, thought-provoking story that captures a readers’ attention.  It hasn’t always been easy though.

Being a woman in a man’s world is quite difficult at times, throw that in with being a white girl on Guam, makes it even more challenging.  I had to learn and adapt quickly or I knew I would never make it.  I’ve had people literally yell at me “your sports sucks.”  But one asset I have is that I’m stubborn.  Once I put my mind to something, there is no stopping me.  Yes it stung a little when people would put me down but I just kept pushing forward, trying to be the best I could.

The past eight years on this island has been quite a blessing.  Patrick Lujan, the founder and creator of GSPN, came to me in 2011 telling me about the concept of GSPN and if I would want to write.  UM… YES!  Patrick and I go back to 2006 when I first moved here.  I was a sports reporter for him.  He taught me everything I know about local sports, which I am forever grateful.

Despite some negative people there has always been more positive and I thank all of them.  The negative pushes you to be better and work harder and the positive does that and so much more.  It makes the late nights worth it.  So much goes into writing just one story but it really is worth it when you love it and have people supporting you.  Thank you to my readers for enjoying my stories and giving me feedback.  I am always open and willing to learn and be the best writer I can.  I am so honored and blessed to be able to write for GUAM sports.  Although I am not originally from here, Guam will always be my home.

Si Yu’us Ma’ase.

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Preventing Sports Injuries

By Asha Marie Robles

AshaAny athlete knows that playing sports is a lot of fun. However, getting injured as a result of doing what they love is not. Being an athlete, you are always at risk of getting some type of sports related injury. Whether it be a sprained ankle or knee, or soft-tissue tear, athletes should always remember when not to “play through the pain.”

As a sports reporter, seeing players sit out of games due to an injury is pretty common here on island. There is always that one player on the sidelines with their crutches or ankle braces just wishing they were on the court or field. I mean, it’s not like they planned to accidentally end up getting hurt, crap just happens. But luckily there are a few tips on how to reduce the risk of getting injured and how to recover quickly if you fall under the category of unlucky athletes.

If you are new to the world of sports, never push your body to a limit it can not handle. Slowly increase your exercise or workout routines, over time it will be easier and you will feel better about not getting an injury during the process.

ALWAYS wear the proper equipment geared towards whichever sport you are playing. If you are biking, wear a helmet, the last thing you need to do is fall and crack your head. Mouth guards are a must for football and rugby, protect those teeth! If you are a runner, proper running shoes can drastically help you from hurting your feet. For the soccer players, shin guards are your best friend, especially when your opponent misses the ball and ends up kicking you instead.

Make sure you have warmed up for at least 15 minutes before starting practice or any lengthy workout. Warming up and stretching lengthens your muscles while it also increase blood flow which gets your muscles ready to perform and less likely to be injured.

Majority of sports related injuries are due to improper form. Good body mechanics will definitely increase efficiency and prevent injuries. Make sure to train with an experienced coach or trainer to learn good form.

Lastly, every athlete needs to stay hydrated! It is important to make sure you get the right amount of water before, during and after playing a game or even exercising. Those who are not properly hydrated will be unable to perform at their highest level, and can experience fatigue, muscle cramps, dizziness or more serious symptoms.

Remember, sports injuries are totally preventable but if you happen to get hurt, one way to self treat your injury at home is with the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) method for at least 48 hours.  If the pain persists, contacting a doctor should be done as soon as possible. The last thing a dedicated athlete needs is a serious injury, so take care of yourself!

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JV Volleyball Is Not A Forgone Conclusion

By Mike Nauta Jr.

Mike With about a week left in the 2014 IIAAG High School Girls Volleyball things are starting to intensify if it hasn’t already as teams are jockeying for position in the league’s final standings.  While the varsity teams are hoping to clinch a playoff spot, the Junior Varsity teams are proving to be just as exciting with each team trying to solidify their final positioning as there isn’t a post-season for their division.  With as little as two games and as many as four games left in the season, one can only imagine what the final standings will be for the Junior Varsity.

“It has been a really interesting year for many of the teams in our league,” said St. Thomas coach John Afaisen.  “With the way things have been going, it really could be anyone’s year and you never know who might end up on top.  Every team has brought something good to the table.”

Standing above all heading into the final week of action is the Academy Cougars who currently boast the league’s best JV record at 11-1.  However, the Cougars are not new to the competitiveness that the JV division brings out and with four games left on their schedule they know that nothing is secured until the last game is played.  Trailing behind the Cougars are the GW Geckos with a 12-2 record.  Earlier in the year, both teams entered their game with unblemished records.  However, it was the Cougars who snagged a three-set victory over their opponents.  The Lady Geckos have two games left in their season to include a rematch with the Lady Cougars this Saturday at GW.

Lurking behind the league’s top two teams, the Okkodo Bulldogs (10-4), St. Thomas Lions (8-4), and Sanchez Sharks (9-5) round out the top five spots.  The biggest surprise among the three were the Lady Lions who after losing two games to start the season went on to win eight-straight.  Led by the coaching of Afaisen, the Lions have tremendously improved their record and have won more game than any of their previous seasons.  Elated with his team’s success, Afaisen has even hinted of maybe trying to get his team into the varsity division next season.

“Our girls have worked so hard and they deserve all the credit,” said Afaisen.  “All I ask for is that they continue to bring their best each game and the rewards will come as the season progresses.”

Rounding out the rest of the standings are as follows:  St. John’s Knights (6-7), Southern Dolphins (6-8), Notre Dame Royals (4-8), JFK Islanders (5-9), Harvest Eagles (4-10), Guam High Panthers (3-10), and St. Paul Warriors (2-12).

In the final week of high school volleyball, one is sure to be treated to some intense and exciting action.  So, head on out and support your favorite team, player, or maybe even coach.



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