📅14 August 2014
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By Robert Balajadia

The Tiyan Gym expansion and renovation project is moving in the right direction with the help of senators Brant McCreadie, Tommy Morrison, Tony Ada, and Tina Muna-Barnes after creating Bill No. 388-32(LS) which will allocate tax credits towards the gym’s repairs.

The final product will serve its main purpose as the long-awaited training facility for the Guam Basketball Confederation along with partnerships with the Barrigada Mayor’s Office and the Department of Parks & Recreation.

“We’re taking the %1 of un-pledged business privilege tax and we’re maxing it out at $250,000 per company per year. We’re hoping to get a maximum of 10 years and $2.5 million,” said McCreadie upon where the proposed funding will come from.

A small press conference was held at the Tiyan Gym Thursday morning to introduce the bill to the public along with revealing future visions planned for the gym.

FIBA officials visited the gym earlier this year and have agreed to donate over $20,000 to aid in the funding as long as it’s used towards the goal to give GBC their own facility to train.


Old photos from 1997 were recovered on how the gym used to look.

“This is a tax credit bill to start up gyms in every village. We’re doing a public/private partnership and our first village is here in Tiyan/Barrigada. The future for this project and project that lie ahead of us look very positive because we have found the structure and funding source,” said McCreadie.

The gym has a strong foundation and the biggest problem will be removing all the junk and graffiti that has now taken over the once heavy populated sporting facility.

“I want to see it come back to what it was back then and this is a great step towards that happening,” commented Muna-Barnes.

“What’s very important here is that we have a federation that is truly passionate about their sport and have done a lot through out the years, especially for our youth,” added Morrison.

“We look forward to working together with the community to improve basketball skills on island,” said GBC President Tony Thompson.

The bill states that the Guam Legislature sees the potential for additional tax credit programs that can provide a responsible avenue for the construction of new, rehabilitation of sports and recreation facilities island wide.

“We want the future talent on Guam to be able to look up to the national program and strive for greater heights then ever accomplished before for Guam basketball,” added Men’s National Team head coach EJ Calvo.

The future plans for the bill also intend to renovate Agat’s gym and eventually building a gym in Umatac.

Senator Tommy Morrison speaking to those in attendance. (photo by Robert Balajadia)

Senator Tommy Morrison speaking to those in attendance. (photo by Robert Balajadia)

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