📅18 February 2014
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By Patrick Lujan

The notion of never knowing until you try lives strongly among our island’s best athletes.

For multi-sport star Will Williams, taking the leap to move to the states to see how far his athletic abilities could go was only one of his challenges in his young life.

willA standout in football, rugby and boxing, Williams met most athletic challenges with ease. It was just a few months ago when the 20-year-old decided to open the competition box and take his skills to San Diego in hopes of living his dream of playing college football.

“When I first came out here I was expecting to go straight to school and play ball,” said the 21-year-old Father Duenas graduate of 2010 is enrolled at San Diego Mesa College. “Sadly I didn’t have enough money to attend the semester (at San Diego Mesa College). I have all these grants but I can’t touch them unless I’m enrolled and I have to pay all that out of my pocket.

“But everything happens for a reason because now I’m working out with a couple of college players and some ex-NFL players. I’ve met some coaches that are putting my name out there so in due time I’ll be on the field playing ball.”

Meanwhile, he’s been training with a semi professional team called the San Diego Stallions in the La Belle Community Football League where he’s playing quarterback – the position he started all four years at FD as well as the Raiders and Rams in the adult leagues on Guam.

He’s also picked up one of his other sports to keep him company with the help of good friend and 2013 GSPN Athlete of the Year Zach Pangelinan, playing rugby with the Old Mission Beach Athletic Club (OMBAC) Rugby team.

will ombac

“Im currently playing for OMBAC and yes, Zach introduced me to the squad and I worked from there to get on the premier squad,” Williams said. “I’ve always looked at rugby to get in extreme shape. Also playing with them, I’ve met influential people to help me reach my college football dreams.”

College football dreams. That’s still his focus. If he can just get over that monetary hump… “once I get my loan approved, I’ll be playing for SD Mesa.”


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