📅23 March 2015
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By Michael Cruz

Former Guam High Panther Curtis Washington made the most of his senior. The Georgia State Panthers upset the #3 seed Baylor Bears in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. Washington started the game and finished with seven points and five rebounds. The feel good run came to an end as the Panthers lost to the #6 seed Xavier Musketeers 75-67. Washington’s last game had him going 4-for-5 and scoring eight points. Curtis answered some questions for GSPN before the Xavier game.

GSPN: For those that don’t know your time on Guam. Please share your experience on island.

CW: I lived on Guam for three years while my father James Washington was the commander of the Naval Base there. My time there was great, beautiful island, and the people are awesome.

GSPN: Your 6’10 and 230 lbs. What was your height and weight at Guam High?

Former Guam High Panther Curtis Washington talks with GSPN about his time on Guam and his NCAA Tournament experience. (photo courtesy of

Former Guam High Panther Curtis Washington talks with GSPN about his time on Guam and his NCAA Tournament experience. (photo courtesy of

CW: If I had to remember my weight correctly at Guam High I was probably about 6-foot-5 and weighed maybe 170. I was a little string bean.

GSPN: How did you end up at Georgia State? Are you on track to graduation?

CW: I first went to USC in California and then transferred when I found out that my grandfather who lives in Georgia had cancer, and wasn’t doing too well. I am on track to graduate this May.

GSPN: What are your plans after this season? Are you going to try and play professionally? Would you be interested in playing for the Guam National Team?

CW: After this season, I will be playing professionally whether it be in the NBA or overseas. That would be pretty cool to play for the island.

GSPN: Every kid dreams of sinking the game winning shot. RJ Hunter actually did it. Was that the biggest play you’ve ever been part of?

CW: Yeah, I would say that’s definitely the biggest play I have been a part of. The energy in the whole arena was incredible when it happened.

GSPN: Anyone you would like to thank and advice for the Guam youth?

CW: I would really like to thank God. He’s been here throughout my whole journey and he brought me through so much adversity. Believe in him in everything that you do in life and always work hard. Remember, hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.

Writer’s Notes: Washington attended Guam High 9th and 10th Grade. He played for Coach Joe Taitano during the 2007-2008 season and also played for the Tamuning Typhoons. His teammate De’Andre Weaver was an All-Island MVP who finished his collegiate career running track at UNC-Pembroke. His Georgia State teammates include Kevin Ware who is known for breaking his leg versus Duke while playing at Louisville. His other teammate RJ Hunter nailed the game winning shot from about 30-35 feet. Hunter is a potential 1st round pick for the upcoming NBA Draft. Finally, his coach Ron Hunter (RJ’s dad) tore his Achilles tendon celebrating during the conference championship. He also fell out of his chair when RJ made the shot and in the process broke the cast. Ron Hunter also played with NBA Champion Ron Harper at Miami of Ohio in college. Ron Harper visited Guam in the early 1990’s with Spud Webb.

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