📅12 October 2015
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PRESS RELEASE – Guam Weightlifting Federation Host Friday Night Lift-off

October 12, 2015

The Guam Weightlifting Federation hosted a friendly weightlifting competition on Friday October 9, 2015 at Synergy Studios in Maite.  The “Friday Night Lift-Off” had 9 female athletes and 15 male athletes compete in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk and performed 3 attempts of the 2 movements.  Overall scoring was based on the Sinclair Coefficient- The international measurement which factors the weight of the lift and the athlete’s weight, to derive a score.  Athletes came from 5 GWF recognized Weightlifting Clubs: Custom Fitness Barbell Club, Chamorri Crossfit weightlifting, CrossFit Latte Stone, CrossFit Hita, and CrossFit JumpStart.

Results from the Lift-off are as follows:
Womens Division:

1st place: Kimberly Taguacta 53kg Wt class (CFBC)-Snatch: 62kg, C&J: 75kg, Total: 137

2nd Place: Noreen Ericsson 53kg Wt class (CFLS)- Snatch: 48kg, C&J: 70kg, Total: 118

3rd Place: Kayla Taguacta 53 kg Wt class (CFBC)- Snatch: 54kg, C&J: 67kg, Total: 121

Mens Division:

1st place:  Shane Concepcion  85kg Wt class (CFBC)-Snatch: 121kg, C&J: 150kg, Total: 271

2nd Place: Alex Johnson 94kg Wt class (CFH)- Snatch: 115kg, C&J: 147kg, Total: 262

3rd Place: Brandon Holm 94kg Wt class (CFBC)- Snatch: 113kg, C&J: 134kg, Total: 247

“Friday Night Lift-Off” drew over 150 spectators and was the 2nd successful competition organized by the Guam Weightlifting Federation that was re-established in March 2015 after a 20 year hiatus.

“We are excited to be able to host these elite athletes and promote the sport of Olympic Weightlifting on Guam” Said Guam Weightlifting Federation President, Ryan Claros.  GWF Vice President, Jesse Rosario added that “the federation is currently recruiting members for a Guam Olympic Weightlifting team as well as a power lifting team.  The GWF will be hosting another big event and will be inviting other Micronesian Island to Guam to compete against Guam lifters in December 2015.  All interested athletes must register with the GWF.

“As always, we’d like to thank the Guam National Olympic Committee the GWF sponsors, IT&E, Bank of Guam, Bonded, and the Leo Palace Resort as well as Synergy Studios, Miller Lite, and Kill Cliff Recovery Drink for helping us host this successful event,” Claros said.

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