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Name: Mike Sheppard

Sports Accomplishment: 

1989-1991 – All-Island point guard (Sanchez Sharks)

Early 1990’s – Bud Kings varsity basketball

1997 – East Asian Games (Pusan, Korea)


1996 – Guam Heavyweight champion

1999 – Lackland Air Force overall champion

2000 – Southwest Natural overall champion

2001 – Texas State 7th place

2002 – Heart of Texas overall champion

2003 – Texas State 3rd place

2006 – John Colby Classic 2nd place

2007 – NGA Pro Qualifier received pro card

2009 – Adela Garcia overall winner; Branch Warren 2nd place

2010 – Branch Warren 2nd place ; USA’s 15th place

2011 – Branch Warren 1st place; USA’s 11th place

2012 – Master’s National 9th place; USA’s 9th place

2014 – GNC Show of Strength 1st place

2015 – Texas State 1st place

Mike Sheppard, (2nd row: 3rd from left), was a three-time All-Island point guard with the Sanchez Sharks. Here, he's pictured with the Sharks Far East Basketball Team in 1990. (courtesy photo)

Mike Sheppard, (2nd row: 3rd from left), was a three-time All-Island point guard with the Sanchez Sharks. Here, he’s pictured with the Sharks Far East Basketball Team in 1990. (courtesy photo)

Occupation/Family: I currently work as a Fitness Manager for Gold’s Gym. I have two boys DeAndre and Isiah, 21 and 15.


GSPN: Looks like you’ve been taking bodybuilding pretty seriously out in Austin, Tex. Tell us how it all started.

MS: Well, I got  started in Guam when Tony Sgro the owner of Paradise Fitness Center decided to sponsor me. I was hooked ever since. John Dela Rosa and Ken Rios also helped me with poses and my friend Norbert (Datuin) was a positive influence on me as well.

GSPN: Who were the bodybuilders you looked up to while on Guam and why?

MS: Bodybuilders I looked up to….well, at that time it was pretty new. I would say Ken Rios, John Dela Rosa, Mona Roberts, Uriel McGill, Ricky and Norbert. We had a real good friendship and they taught me a lot. I can’t forget Vince Brown and Uriel McGill. They all saw the potential and I just took it from there.

GSPN: What were your fondest memories playing basketball at Sanchez?

MS: Wow, my fondest memory of playing ball at Simon Sanchez. The home crowds were crazy every time we played JFK – it was bananas. I loved it,man…so much support.

GSPN: For those who remember you as an All-Island player, you made the game look too easy. Why the change to bodybuilding?

MS: You know, to tell you the truth, sometimes I wonder how good I could have been if I stayed with (basketball). I think the transition to bodybuilding was easier than most expected. I played point guard so I controlled the game and the plays, in bodybuilding you control your eating and your workouts. So the draw was to be able to transform myself into a super human character I guess (lol). Probably for three years I did both but it finally came to a cross roads and had to pick one.

GSPN: Who were some of your favorite players to play against while with the Sharks?

MS: Some of my favorite guys to play against: Wow! Danny Cepeda from GW, Mike Swaney from Oceanview (High), Erwin Villa and James Calceta from JFK; Curtis Hellyer from JFK. Wow, those names just pop into my head. We had some battles.

Pro bodybuilder Mike Sheppard

Pro bodybuilder Mike Sheppard

GSPN: Can you still ball today? 🙂

MS: That is a good question. I still have the handles, but that jump shot is now a set shot. I will say with this size, I’m like (Charles) Barkley on the inside, though I enjoy it when I get a chance to play.

GSPN: You left Guam quite some time ago. How often do you still stay connected with something or someone connected to Guam?

MS: I left Guam in 1998. I’ve been back once since then. I keep in contact with everyone I’ve grown up with on Facebook and other social media. They are some of my best supporters.I owe all my hard work ethics to all my friends on Guam and those who have moved off. It was a tough place to grow up but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

GSPN: We have our big Guam Nationals every fall. Will we ever see Big Mike on stage here?

MS: You know I have contacted the federation and no one has contacted me back. It would be a pleasure to guest pose and give back to the people who got me started. Also see all friends.

GSPN: If you were to do something all over again while you were at Sanchez, what would it be?

MS: If I was to do something different, hmm….. you know, I enjoyed my time at Sanchez. Sometimes I think too much. I really would have taken my studies more seriously.


When people ask me where I am from I say GUAM!!

Mike Sheppard

Mike Sheppard Facebook Page


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