2012 SLIPS PAST ’79-’80

2012 SLIPS PAST ’79-’80

📅06 July 2012
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By Regina Shiroma

Frank Arriola scores this floater as he put on a late game surge to try and lift the ’79-’80 alumni over the younger 2012 alumni opponents. (photo by Errol Alegre Jr.)

Class of 2012 slipped by class of ’79 and ‘80, 55-54 with just 22 seconds left in the second half in the opening game of the FD alumni basketball tournament. The older alumni were given a 20 point lead at the start of the game to even the playing field, as the younger players had an “underage” advantage over them. More of a friendly bout than a competitive one, the 50+ year olds put up an amusing performance against the newest graduating class.

Class of ’79 and ’80 showed signs of fatigue late in the first, as playful jersey slings and fouls were committed by the older class in frustration at the swiftness of their younger counterparts. Pulling rank, class of 2012 had no choice but to accept the unseen fouls and the unwritten rules of seniority.

After leading throughout the game, class of ‘79 and ’80 lost their lead with less than six minutes left in the game. 2012’s Giorgio Meneses scored a three pointer to take the one point lead for the first time of the match. However, ’79-’80 alumni Frank Arriola answered back  with a three pointer of his own to take the lead once again. With 2:40 left, John Ilao made a short jumper to take a 53-52 lead for the younger team. Arriola came up big for his team again taking the lead 54-53. After the numerous lead changes, ’79 and ’80 looked to take the win as they held onto the ball to run out the clock, however, Meneses and Ilao double-teamed ’79-’80 alumni Joe Javellana who had the hot hand; Ilao then took it to the basket for an easy layup off the hard earned steal.

Ilao finished the game with 21 points dropping four threes in the win, including the winning basket.

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