📅26 August 2012
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By Regina Shiroma

Saints’ Joseph Flores breaks through the tackle of Angels’ Sage Garcia for a short gain of yards on the run. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

Sunday’s weather conditions faired pleasantly over Eagle field, just as it did the day before,  allowing for another great weekend of football. In a game full of passing and interceptions, the LSM Angels were still able to pull off a 39-12 win over the Cinnabon Island Saints in the Matua division of the Guam National Youth Football Federation league.

With the score at the half being 20-6, the Angels sat in a comfortable lead. The Saints had possession at the start of the second half, but soon lost it after Angels’ Ivan Quidachay intercepted the ball at the Saints’ 16-yard line. In the ensuing drive, JesseKarl Cruz weaved his way through the defense and into the end zone for the first touchdown of the half.  Royce Thomas caught the ball in the end zone for a successful one-point conversion, making the score 27-6.

Angels’ Sage Garcia works his way through Saints defenders Alfred Apatang and John Anthony Cruz, eventually leading to his touchdown in the closing seconds of the game. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

The Saints gave the Angels a scare as they began to pressure Angels quarterback Brendyn Santos flushing him out of the pocket and causing him to take the sack along with a huge loss of yards. Santos, taking another sack, also fumbled the ball and to his dismay, the Saints recovered.  Santos soon redeemed himself by sacking Saints quarterback Devin Leon, forcing a fumble, and this time Santos recovered. However Santos would get sacked and fumble again, giving the Saints possession at the end of the third quarter.

Switching sides and picking up where they left off, the Saints were quick to continue. With the quarter just barely starting, the clock reading nine minutes and 53 seconds, Leon connected with John Anthony Cruz for a perfectly thrown 51-yard pass reception.

Saints defender Tylor Uson makes a good play on the pass intended for Angels’ Sean Gomez. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

The Saints, maintaining their momentum, kicked off to the Angels and after the ball bounced off Angels’ JesseKarl Cruz, John Anthony Cruz recovered the ball for the Saints. This acting as a wakeup call for the Angels, JesseKarl Cruz intercepted a pass at the 45 and returned it for a 55-yard touchdown making the score 33-12. A few more interceptions later by both teams, the Angels maintained possession again. Running back Sage Garcia moved the chains, rushing for two first downs. Bringing the line of scrimmage to the one-yard line, Garcia plowed into the end zone with one second left on the clock.

Angels Darrien Campos aided his team in the win with two touchdowns, a 41-yard and an 18-yard run. Teammate Caleb Shermer caught and ran the ball into the end zone for a 69-yard touchdown reception. Kyle Calairo scored the extra point. Tylor Uson scored the only other touchdown for the Saints off a 15-yard pass.

In other divisions:

Mandikiki Angels def. Saints 42-7

Manha Saints def. Angels 26-13

Metgot Angels def. Saints 26-3

In other games:

Falcons vs. Jets

Mandikiki Falcons def. Jets 28-14

Manha Jets def. Falcons

Metgot Jets def. Falcons

Matua Falcons def. Jets 51-0

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