📅11 August 2012
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Maria Dunn was as prepared as she could be for the London Games. (courtesy photo)

By Patrick Lujan

Over 2000 athletes have participated in the 2012 London Olympic Games. Every single one put in countless hours to perfect their game, only to come up short.

Guam wrestler Maria Dunn spent more than one year solely focusing on the Olympics. All went well, the training and weight-cutting – until her match against eventual bronze medalist Lubov Volosova from Russia in the 63kg class.

“I wouldn’t change the process at all,” Dunn said after having days to reflect on her Aug. 8 match. “The preparation, I wouldn’t have changed anything at all.”

What she would have changed was her approach and strategy in her match against Volosova.

“I was disappointed in my performance,” the 10-time Oceania gold medalist said. “I would’ve strategized differently. Instead of being a smart wrestler, I should’ve went nuts.”

Dunn was taken down twice and was down 5-0 before the match was called by Fall at the 1:09 mark by the Italian referee.

“I felt good and my mind was right (going into the match). She didn’t feel much stronger. I had one shoulder on the mat and because there was no action in the bottom, they ended the match.”

Dunn looks back at her match against the Russian bronze medalist and feels she ‘should’ve gone nuts.’ (courtesy photo)

What’s next?

Dunn will now go back to the town of Wigan where she’s been training since last year to pick up some things before heading back home next month.

She said she looks forward to spending time with her mother Lou and going to the beach. Then she’ll focus on her master’s degree in Art.

“I’m going to retire from high level competition. I’m always going to be involved in wrestling, but that’s after a break. It’s been a long year.”

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