📅27 July 2012
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By Robert Balajadia

In another anticipated event, Kyle ‘Boom’ Reyes returns to the cage to go head-to-head with Ronny ‘The Project’ Borja. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

Two championship belts will be on the line tomorrow night as fighters from PXC 32 stepped to the scale for the official weigh-ins at the Hilton Tree Bar Friday afternoon. The fight card is stacked with a few of the most recognized fighters from Guam and Korea making PXC 32 a “must see” for all local fans of Mixed Martial Arts. Action will take place at the UOG field house as usual.

PXC 32 Official Weigh-Ins

Joe Arriola 187 ½ lbs. vs Jarred Mellon 184 lbs.

Tyrone Jones 155 lbs. vs Brian Howard 154 lbs.

Junghoon Koh 134 lbs. vs Ricky Camp 135 ½ lbs.

Derrick Rangamar 136lbs  vs Kyle Aguon 135 ½ lbs.

Josh Alvarez 127 lbs. vs Mark Nuique 125 ½ lbs.

Hyun Gyu Lim 170 lbs. vs Ryan Bigler 170 lbs.

Kyle Reyes 145 lbs. vs Ronny Borja 144 lbs.

Jang Yong Kim 145 lbs. vs Joe Taimanglo 144 lbs.

Things got heated up when Ryan ‘Biggs’ Bigler got up close and personal with his opponent, Hyun Gyun Lim from Korea, after the weigh-ins. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

Ryan Bigler will be taking on Hyun Gyu Lim for the first ever Welterweight championship belt and “Biggs” is more than ready to secure his place as champ. “I’m excited. I feel like this belt should have been on my waist ever since and I humbly feel I deserve this position. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’m just excited,” stated Bigler.

Fighters from Saipan will also step foot in the octagon as well as the debut of Tyrone Jones. Though two title fights will headline PXC 32, the fight between Kyle “Boom” Reyes and Ronnie “The Project” Borja is just as anticipated as both fighters have become local favorites. Baby Joe “The Juggernaut” Taimanglo will defend his title for the first time against Jang Yong Kim in the main event.

Bigler, as well as “The Juggernaut,” have had much success in the PXC and will be looking to leave the octagon Saturday as champions. Lim is considered a formidable opponent but “Biggs” will be trying to implement his game plan to win the belt.

“I’m going to bring the fight, I’m going to try and knock him out. [Lim] has good boxing so I just need to be aware and keep my hands up and I should be alright.”

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