📅25 October 2012
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Guam film maker Alex Munoz first met Derrick Rose while filming the USO Hoops for Troops project in 2011. He has since been documenting the Rose family and recently won Best Sports Documentary in Atlanta. (courtesy photo)

By Patrick Lujan

Guam film maker Alex Munoz has once again been recognized for work in film – but this time it’s for sharing his passion for sports through film.

Munoz won Best Sports Documentary from the Urban Media Film Festival in Atlanta, Ga.on Oct. 15 for his  20-minute piece ‘A Dream Deferred’ on former NBA MVP Derrick Rose.

“The film focuses, not only him but his family too,” Munoz said from Chicago, where he is continuing the project with D-Rose and his family. “That’s why people like it because it’s about the importance of family – a strong family that creates success, not just about one guy going after a goal.

“It wasn’t a typical story. It was about a family that is behind Derrick Rose, which was amazing. His big brother put everything aside to get Derek in line.”

Rose is a product of the tough Englewood neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side. His older brother and manager is Reggie Rose, whom Munoz has worked closely on the project since they meet during the USO Hoops for Troops project was filmed last year.

“I was happy it won, but I was happier for Reg because he’s the executive producer of the project and he’s totally behind the scenes. It’s deeply personal. The people who were at the screening were crying (during Rose’s injury), but later were up and clapping.”

Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose goes down with a torn ACL during Game 1 in the opening round playoffs on April 28. Guam film maker Alex Munoz was there shooting a documentary with the Rose family. (courtesy photo)

The film takes you through the recent NBA season where the Chicago Bulls were tied with the San Antonio Spurs for the best record in the league (50-16) only to see their star point guard go down with a knee injury in Game 1 of their opening playoff round against the Philadelphia 76ers. Munoz was there filming from courtside.

“I was in state of shock and disbelief simultaneously. The entire United Center Arena was silent. It was very surreal. It was dream like…but a bad dream.”

Rose won’t be ready to go for the start of the upcoming season but is coming along nicely in his rehabilitation, according to The Sporting News.

“The Bulls do not want accurate info out about his rehab, they are top secret about it,” Munoz added. “However, my sense is that Derrick will bounce back big, he will be even better. Just watch.”

Guam Screening

Munoz was hoping to get it cleared in time to screen it during the Guam International Film Festival Sept. 27-30 but couldn’t get it done in time.

“I wasn’t able to get it cleared in time to screen it at GIFF. It was cleared just two days before the UMFF.”

Munoz said there were a lot of signatures to sign off before it was cleared to screen to include the NBA, his agent and most importantly the Rose family. “Derek is managed and supervised by his family and Reg finally said yes. The only other time it was screened was to the Rose family and they loved it.”

Munoz had a special pass into the Bulls-76ers game in which D-Rose tore his ACL in the 2012 NBA playoffs. (courtesy photo)

The final piece will be an hour-and-a-half feature-length documentary that will come out probably in 2013. For now, Munoz hopes to bring the film to Guam for a screening as well.

“I can’t wait to show it on Guam because the theme of the documentary is totally in sync with Chamorro family values. It totally reinforces that and I know everyone on Guam would relate to it and understand it. I just gotta get out there. I’m hoping before the end of the year.”

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