📅04 August 2012
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By Errol “DynamiX” Alegre, Jr.

Despite a short down poor of rain, youth golfers continued on through the second day of the 2012 BMW Guam Junior Open golf tournament Saturday at the Leo Palace Resort Golf Course.

Guam’s top female golfer, Nalathai Vangjalorn, continued her exceptional performance in the 13 to 14 year-old age group of the girls division. Despite having to play through light rain in the last hole after a fifteen-minute delay, Vangjalorn was able to finish with a score of 74. But it was an off-day for the young athlete after finishing with an impressive score of 69 on the first day. She finished second behind Tzu-Yi (Tweety) Chang who scored a 73.

“My performance today was bad, I didn’t like it. I was just distracted and it was an off-day,” Vangjalorn said.

“The rain wasn’t a problem. I played in England so the rain was actually comfortable to play in,” stated Vangjalorn who had recently returned from England where she competed in the British Junior Championship.

The last day for the tournament will be held tomorrow starting at 11:45 A.M. followed by an awards banquet.

Ten-year old Halen Carbonel is currently second place in the 11-12 age division. He turns 11 next week. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

The current results are as follows:
Boys (total score)
Ages 7-8
Bryan Gogue 131
Yuuki Kubo 148
Liang-Yu (Alston) Chen 154
Ian Paulino 158

Ages 9-10
Yu-Kai (Kent) Hsiao 141
Rickey Parsons 143
Kyohei Hayashi 144
Te Luan (Jason) Hsu 151
Philip Lee 169
Reo Aiken 175
Masaki Ujite 179
Kae – Jen (Edward) Lan 180
Edward Terlaje 188
Li-Tse (Dylan) Yu 213

Ages 11-12
Anicento Mandanas 147
Halen Carbonel 151
Ryoya Aihara 157
Philip Suhr 161
Kenta Kuraishi 167
Donovan Taitingfong 176
Raine Delos Reyes 179
Edward Baik 190
Kae-Wei (Ryan) Lan 197
JQ Valez 214

Ages 13-14
Devin Hua 157
Ken Imai 159
Teddy Gogue 160
Jordan Santos 194
Richard Wang 194
Khaim Vanjalorn 209

Ages 15-18
Nalapon Vangjalorn 144
Reggie Camacho 145
Ryan Christensen 149
Kevin Oberiano 182
Ricardo Terlaje 188
Anthony Shen 215

Girls (total score)
Ages 9-10
Shioriko Yokoyama 158
Kate Lee 208

Ages 11-12
Tzu-Yi (Tweety) Chang 162
Pin-Wen (Nicole) Lu 164
Yu-Wen (Wendy) Hsiao 166
Ho-Ting (Jessie) Yuan 206

Ages 13-14
Nalathai Vangjalorn 143
Rika Kodaira 156
Mary Parsons 174
Sumire Yokoyama 176

Ages 15-18
Kristin Oberiano 161
Juna Otani 187
Jordan Heath 192
Hyun (Tess) Joo Suh 193

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