📅08 June 2013
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By Colin Leon Guerrero

The champion of the night, Adrienne Francisco defeating Jordan Manglona by unanimous decision. (photo by Kevin Wang)

The champion of the night, Adrienne Francisco defeating Jordan Manglona by unanimous decision. (photo by Kevin Wang)

Saturday night at the Micronesian Mall center court, Domino Lux along with the Guam International Boxing Council, held its second annual Peace Festival. Like the first Peace Festival, the event combined family entertainment such as Step-Up Dance Company and several musical acts with 14-boxing tournament. However, at this year’s tournament they added something new for the crowd to enjoy, a kickboxing tournament.

There were two main events that were showcased that evening. The first one was between two kick boxers, and the other featuring two amateur boxers.

Ricky Camp def. Alexander Allen via Unanimous Decisions

The Kickboxing match between Ricky Camp of team Counter Shot, and Alexander Allen fighting out of Ultimate Martial Arts did not disappoint. Camp, who was fighting out of his usual weight class (155), did well against the heavier Allen (162). The weight difference did not seem to matter as the energy that both fighters brought to the ring excited the crowd, as they were appreciative of the efforts of both fighters. After three rounds the judges unanimously gave the fight to Camp.

Adrienne Francisco def. Jordan Manglona via Unanimous Decision

In the second main event of the evening it was island vs. island, as Guam’s own Adrienne Francisco took on Saipan’s Jordan Manglona in the amateur boxing match. Both fighters displayed their skill for the crowd to see.

Manglona came out with a more aggressive style trying to corner Francisco into one side of the ring. Francisco though was light on his feet and turned it up on Manglona delivering some fast combinations ending the first round on a high note as they went into their respective corners.

Adrienne Francisco posing with teammates out of Domino Lux's Lights Out Gym on Guam. (photo by Kevin Wang)

Adrienne Francisco posing with teammates out of Domino Lux’s Lights Out Gym on Guam. (photo by Kevin Wang)

“I just started to box more,” said Francisco when asked about the fight overall. “I felt he was pushing a bit more, so I just used that against him” he said when asked about Manglona’s boxing approach.

In the second and third round, Francisco seemed to have everything under control as he set the tempo and made Manglona fight at his pace. Manglona still managed to land a few good hits on Francisco through out the fight, however the experience that Francisco has helped him as he countered every punch that Manglona threw at him. The end of the fight the referee raised Francisco’s hand as he defeated Manglona by unanimous decision.

In other fights:

Brian Abarca def. Donovan Cabo via Unanimous Decision

Dustin Smith def. Roland Manalo via Unanimous Decision

Ryan Toves def. Ed Nathan Mecate via Unanimous Decision

Austin Hocog def. Chad Torres via Unanimous Decision

Teddy Farrales def. Daniel Fejerang via Unanimous Decision

Ryan T. def. Christopher Baza via Referee Stoppage

Cody Lujan def. Brandon Babauta via Unanimous Decision

Jesse Aguon def. Brad Pangelinan via Referee Stoppage

Nathan Camacho def. Bacardi Galvez via Unanimous Decision

Daniel Cruz def. Jeremy Hocog via Unanimous Decision

Vince Camp def. Cinto Peredo via Unanimous Decision


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