📅22 December 2013
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By Kolby Chang


Adrienne Francisco makes quick work of his opponent Leo Borja Mendiola scoring the KO in the first 55 seconds. (courtesy photo)

Domino Lux along with San Miguel Beer presented the ninth Guam International Boxing Council amateur boxing and kickboxing event Saturday night at the Guam Greyhound Park.

The event is part of an on-going process to establish a ranking system for local amateurs according to DLX and GIBC representative Arnel Francisco. “[We’re] going to prepare them for international fights like the [Pacific Games], the Olympics and we’re coordinating with Japanese fighters to come here for a goodwill challenge,” Francisco said.

In addition to helping local pugilists gain more exposure, DLX is also utilizing these types of events to promote their anti-bullying campaign by teaching the importance of commitment and dedication. Boxing and kickboxing require an extreme amount of discipline and that is what DLX is trying to reinforce with each event that is held. ‘This promotes they’re well being, being healthy and being positive. That’s why all year around we’ve been doing an anti-bullying campaign through his sport,” Francisco said.

Gia Sarusal impressed everybody with her 3rd round TKO win over Krystal Madden. (courtesy photo)

Gia Sarusal impressed everybody with her 3rd round TKO win over Krystal Madden. (courtesy photo)

Fight fans were treated to four boxing matches and four kickboxing matches. The action got started with a kickboxing match between Elite Muay Thai’s Mike Sanchez and Ultimate Martial Art’s Ethan Reyes. Only 14 years old, Reyes held his ground against the older and bigger Sanchez but he would wind up on the losing end of unanimous decision after three rounds.

Ground Fu’s Elliot Untalan and UMA’s Jay Ilano put a show for the audience in their action packed bout. Untalan looked cleaner and more precise with his strikes, while Ilano was content on winging big power punches and charging forward. Ilano landed some clean punches on the Ground Fu representative in the second round but the UMA pupil started to fade after throwing bombs for most of the match. Untalan tagged his fading opponent with a left hook and an uppercut to the body to earn the win via TKO.

UMA’s Dylan Mobel and Adam George Estes took to the ring next. Mobel wasted no time closing the gap against his much taller opponent and tried to work from the clinch throughout the first round. In the second round Estes attempted to keep Mobel at a distance with a nice arsenal of kicks but Mobel eventually stunned Estes with a big overhand right. Estes came out of the standing eight-count only to be met by a Mobel left hook that dropped him where he stood and gave Mobel the TKO win.

Donovin Jay Santos of Lights Out Gym/DLX and Jotashi Napu Towai of Kontendas put on an entertaining back and forth battle in their boxing match. Santos’ use of multiple combinations and good footwork to keep Towai off balance earned him the unanimous decision win.

Ground Fu’s Juan Lizama and UMA’s Ar Tamanyon also gave the audience something to cheer about in their boxing match. Lizama’s technical boxing proved to be the key to victory against Tamanyon’s brawling style as the Ground Fu member took the unanimous decision victory.

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