📅26 February 2013
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By Patrick Lujan

He’s been fighting with the Guam flag on his back for almost four years in the state of Washington. Now Josh ‘Killa’ Calvo will be showcasing his skills for the very first time on his own soil.

The 24-year-old Umatac native started his fight career in 2009 and has been competing under the Rumble on the Ridge promotion for most of his eight pro fights (6-2). He’s now set to take on Bellator veteran Chris Cisneros from Hawaii in a welterweight bout in PXC 36 on March 8 at the UOG Field House.

GSPN caught up with Calvo before he heads to Guam for his fight:

Josh Calvo celebrates after winning in a Rumble on the Ridge 19 fight in 2011. Calvo will be fighting for the first time on Guam in PXC 36. (courtesy photo)

Josh Calvo celebrates after winning in a Rumble on the Ridge 19 fight in 2011. Calvo will be fighting for the first time on Guam in PXC 36. (courtesy photo)

1) How long has it taken to finally get a shot to fight in PXC?

I was supposed to fight PXC like a year ago but some things came up. Never really tried to since but happy to fight back home.

2) Are you getting excited to fight in front of the Guam fans? How is the Guam fans there when you fight in Washington?

Yes, I’m excited to fight back home. It’s more pressure for me but I can deal with it. I have a lot of love from all the Guam fans here in Seattle and I am very thankful!!

3) How is this fight going to help you in your overall goals in MMA?

I like this matchup. I am fighting Chris Cisneros. He is a Bellator vet and has fought a couple of UFC vets. He has a pretty good record and a win over him will hopefully get me more exposure.

4) Is this a one-fight occurrence with PXC or something that could be long-term? How about your fighting career in Washington?

No, I would definitely like to stay active with PXC. Fighting in Washington is good as well. Easy to get fights and lot of shows here.

5) Going back to your opponent Cisneros. I’m sure you’ve done some studying on him. How do you match up with a veteran like that?

I feel I matchup well with him. He looks tough but I know what I’m capable of as well.

6) For the Guam fans that haven’t seen you fight, what do you hope to show and what type of fight will you be bringing?

I’d like to go out there and give them a good well rounded fight. I’m looking to go out there to fight hard and leave it all in there!

7) In five years, Josh Calvo’s MMA career will be….

Hopefully in the UFC! That is the main goal! Hopefully sooner to!


Calvo arrives this weekend to do more fight preparation, but after his fight, he’s looking forward to three things before he heads back to Washington: ‘BBQ, beach, chow!’


Main Event: Trevin Jones (Guam) versus Kyle Aguon (Guam) – Bantamweights

Kaiyana Rain (California) versus Kailin Curran (Hawaii) – Strawweights (Female Bout)

Roque Martinez (Guam) versus Mylo Lassiter (Saipan) – Heavyweights

Josh Calvo (Guam/Washington) versus Chris Cisneros (Hawaii) – Welterweights

Michinori Tanaka (Japan) versus Caleb Vallotton (California) – Bantamweights

Toby Misech (Hawaii) versus Seung Hwan Jo (South Korea) – Featherweights

Ricky Camp (Guam) versus Ian Dela Cuesta (Hawaii) – Bantamweights

Tyrone Jones (Guam) versus Koshi Matsumoto (Japan) – Lightweights

Robert Wustig (Guam) versus Nate Quiniola (Hawaii) – Featherweights

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