📅27 September 2013
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By Michael Cruz

IIAGG Football Week 5 Review

  • I’m singing in the rain! Friday’s games were canceled due to the raining and flooding. Two games were rescheduled for Tuesday. No word yet on GW vs. Sanchez.

    Kicker Brian Leon Guerrero came up big hitting three field goals in the win. (photo by Jose Perez)

    Kicker Brian Leon Guerrero came up big hitting three field goals in the win. (photo by Jose Perez)

  • The battle of Alabama vs. Oregon, excuse me FD vs. Guam High, did not quite live up to the offensive hype as the field conditions, penalties, and tough defense allowed only 29 points total. The two teams slugged it out like Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson.
  • FD won the game 15-14. Brian Leon Guerrero, aka “Leg-atron”, kicked three field goals of 30, 31, 33 which was the difference. The Friar’s lone offensive touchdown was scored by Roy Taimanglo returning a squib kick for a touchdown.  Somehow, FD gave up three touchdowns in this game which were all called back due to penalties. The Friars definitely got breaks either on questionable referee calls or Guam High special teams players clipping.
  • The Friars running game came through with 26 carries for 163 yards and put them in field goal position. Zavier Damian and John Paul Mallari accounted for the bulk of the yards. The Panthers had 23 carries for 135 yards. Juwan Jacobs, Tegan Brown, and LJ Aguon carried the running game.
  • Tyler Okiyama was contained for the first time this season going 1 for 10 for 0 yards. The GH secondary was tremendous in shutting down Bryton Cepeda and Nicolas Aglubat.
  • LJ Aguon according to GSPN went 4 of 15 for 89 yards and 2 INTS. However, according to Stars and Stripes the QB went 16 for 26 for 170 yards and 1 TD pass. Only FD and Guam High are taking stats this season since the IIAGG does not provide them.
  • JFK defeated Southern 38-8. Congrats to the Islanders getting that second win and to the Dolphins finally getting on the scoreboard.
  • Week 5 Defensive Player of the Week -Bryton Cepeda -FD DB- Had two interceptions for the Friar’s defense
  • Week 5 Offensive Player of The Week – Brian Leon Guerrero –FD Kicker- Kicked three field goals in FD’s win. I think the Friar Nation may want to get this kid to summer football camps to get noticed. Here is some footage of #1 kicker for class of 2014. He signed with Ole Miss.


Week 6 Predictions

  • Guam High vs. Southern – Guam High will put up the most points this season and the dolphins will score too. Guam High 56 Southern 7.
  • GW vs. JFK – Guam’s oldest rivalry adds another chapter. Both teams bring momentum into this game. I will still pick the Geckos in a close one. GW 13 JFK 10.
  • FD vs. Okkodo – FD is undefeated and Okkodo will try to pull the upset. The game will be competitive as the Bulldogs play every team tough. The Friars though have remained humble and focused.  FD 20 Okkodo 8

Power Rankings

  • FD (4-0)
  • Guam High (3-1)
  • Sanchez (3-1)
  • GW (2-2)
  • JFK (2-2)
  • Okkodo (0-4)
  • Southern (0-4)

Off Island Report

  • All high school sports on America Samoa were suspended for two weeks starting last week. Some rival villages started throwing rocks at the school bus full of students after a high school volleyball game.


  • Anyone out there who is aware of other players stateside with a Guam connection please let me know!

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