📅05 September 2013
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By Michael Cruz

Derrick Brodus celebrating with teammates. (courtesy photo)

Derrick Brodus (#42) celebrating with teammates. (courtesy photo)

University of Tennessee kicker Derrick Brodus has been rolling with the Volunteers football team since 2011. Brodus used to live on Guam before having to relocate for family medical reasons. While college football has officially kicked off, GSPN checks in with the Tennesse kicker with some questions about his ties to Guam as well as a 2013 season outlook.

GSPN – Thanks for taking time to interview with us. How has your summer preparation and current practices been for this upcoming season?

DB –  Thanks for having me. During the summer alot of work was put in the weight room, getting my legs stronger and becoming more flexible. Also, practicing on consistency with kickoffs and field goals.

GSPN – For those not familiar with your story, how did you end up from Guam to Tennessee?

DB – My dad transferred from Guam to Knoxville while he was working for Continental Micronesia. My brother was diagnosed with leukemia and my parents felt the move would be best for our family.

GSPN – You were quite a soccer player in high school. Did you have opportunities to play in college?

DB – Soccer was my main sport growing up, I played on the Number 1 travel team in Tennessee and ranked top 30 nationally every year. I had a handful of D1 teams looking into my junior year. I decided at the beginning of my senior year I didn’t want to play soccer at the collegiate level.

Screen shot 2012-09-23 at 3.28.31 PM

(courtesy photo)

GSPN – You’ve started four games in your career in place for Michael Parlady who is a senior and SEC Coaches Preseason Third Team All SEC. What is it like?

DB – Palardy and I are really good friends. He’s helped me throughout my kicking career at Tennessee. I’ve learned so much from him. Taking over the job and also losing the job back to him wasn’t a big deal. There were no hard feelings toward one another. We both encourage each other no matter what the situation may be. As specialists we just want what is best for the team.

GSPN – You also tied a scoring record against Akron last year. Was that one of your biggest accomplishments in your sports career?

DB – Definitely one of my biggest accomplishments. I’m in the history books at The University of Tennessee! With a place like Tennessee that is so traditional, its an honor to be apart of history.

GSPN – Is the local Guam community at your home games in Knoxville?

DB -There aren’t many Chamorros in east Tennessee.

GSPN – What village is your family from?

DB – My mom’s family is from Ordot.

Derrick Brodus wearing #26 before switching to #43. (Courtesy photo)

Derrick Brodus wearing #26 before switching to #43. (Courtesy photo)

GSPN – Whats the longest you’ve kicked in a game or practice?

DB – During practice the longest  field goal I’ve kicked was 63 yards. In a game the longest field goal I’ve  kicked was 37  yards.

GSPN – You have started four games in your career. How is it being Michael Parlady’s backup? Do you plan on being the starting kicker next season?

DB – The game is unpredictable. You never know when you will be called upon. Ultimately, I would like to attain that position. Only time will tell.

GSPN – What is your favorite Chamorro dish?

DB – Thats a tough one, probably the toughest question you’ve asked.  I have to say my moms golai hagon suni is one of my favorites.  Whenever I am home I always look forward to eating manha tatiyas, buchi buchi, apigigi and empanada.

GSPN – Any advice for aspiring football players on Guam?

DB – Being a student athlete is challenging. Balance is important. Education should always be a priority. Coming from a small island I know Its difficult to get yourself out there, to get that exposure  needed to get  to the next level. Hard work does pay off.

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