📅04 October 2013
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By Robert Balajadia

FIBA Oceania Zone Development Manager Annie Le Fleur

FIBA Oceania Zone Development Manager Annie Le Fleur

Former WNBA and current FIBA Oceania Zone Development Manager Annie Le Fleur visited Guam over the past week and observed the different basketball programs on Guam.

Le Fleur played most of her basketball for the Australian Women’s Basketball League while also playing in the WNBA for the Minnesota Lynx and Washington Mystics in the early 2000’s.

“Playing in the WNBA is a wonderful experience and it was a very professional organization. FIBA has different rules that the WNBA, particularly ball sizes, but it was an overall great experience.”

She also has a wealth of coaching experience having coached WNBL Teams from 2004-2012.

Le Fleur spent time going to different high schools and began evaluating talent. Her most intriguing observation was made when observing the Women’s National Basketball Team, which will be leaving to China for the East Asian Games.

She gave the team a positive assessment saying, “I’ve been all over the Pacific and the women’s program here is the strongest in the region. The national team is very structured and coached very well. Guam has a lot of great coaching and the development is high and moving in the right direction.”

Le Fleur giving instructions to a willing crowd. (photo by Jesse Castro)

Le Fleur giving instructions to a willing crowd. (photo by Jesse Castro)

When asked what Guam needs to do to get more global recognition in the sport of basketball, Le Fleur stressed unity.

“Guam has a lot of good talent, but one thing that needs to change are having many different organizations. Guam players need to be under one umbrella so that you’re sending the same message out to all of the players.

She followed saying, “The main goal everyone should want is to represent Guam, but there are just too many organizations.” Le Fleur then compared it to Australian basketball saying, “We have a lot of associations but we are all under the same umbrella and we want to teach our kids the same thing. Basketball shouldn’t be a secret and you should be willing to share it with everybody.”

Le Fleur also hosted clinics at the FD Phoenix Center for players and coaches at the beginning of the week. She has completed her tour of the island and is on her way back home.








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