📅06 May 2013
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By Patrick Lujan

Oberiano was a standout golfer and basketball player on Guam before joining the

Oberiano was a standout golfer and basketball player on Guam before joining the Occidental College Tigers in LA. (courtesy photo)

St. John’s graduate Kristin Oberiano was named Female Golfer Freshman of the Year of the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SCIAC) over the weekend. She was also named to the First Team selection of the Division III athletic conference playing for the Occidental College Tigers in Los Angeles.

“I am happy with the way I played this year,” Oberiano told GSPN. “I got over my first year jitters right after the first tournament and then I played competitively in the next two conference tournaments.”

The 2011/12 All-Island Girls Champion did enough in her first collegiate season to make the top team in her conference.

“I wanted to lower my handicap and work on other skills. I did lower my handicap, but not as much as I had wanted to. But my experiences playing with other schools and several tournaments gave me vital lessons that I could use for the rest of my career.”

Oberiano is looking to double major in History and American Studies, with emphasis in United States and Asian Pacific Relations. She also plans to attend graduate school and complete a Ph.D. in history degree, whilst representing Guam in amateur international golf tournaments.

Guam Sports Roots

The former Dededo resident was a standout on the basketball and volleyball courts as well and was able to experience international competition representing Guam, giving her a unique perspective going into her college career.

“I was able to experience many international tournaments that many other people living in the states could not have experienced. This is something that made my high school career fairly different when compared to my teammates here at Oxy. I am glad that Guam has so many opportunities for its athletes to participate in major international competitions and I am very happy that I took many of these priceless chances.”

 Oberiano was also a two-time BMW Guam USA Junior Open champion before heading to college.  (GSPN file photo)

Oberiano was also a two-time BMW Guam USA Junior Open champion before heading to college. (GSPN file photo)

As for her golf career, there’s many people to thank, but one in particular that has made a major difference for Oberiano – St. John’s golf coach Abner Manalang.

“He was a major factor in my improvement in my senior year of high school. Because of him, I was able to drop about 10 handicap points. He helped develop my swing mechanics as well as confidence in my swing. Because of him, I felt more comfortable on the course during competition, which definitely helped with college golf. ”

Off to a great collegiate start so far,  the freshman has set the tone for the rest of her college golf career. “I’ve set up multiple goals for the following seasons, that I’m determined to reach.”

NOTES: Kristin was part of the 2009 IIAAG Girls Basketball Champion Academy Cougars as well as Guam’s 3×3 women’s team to the FIBA Youth World Championships in Italy two years ago…Occidental College has a student population of over 2100…Kristin is on an academic merit scholarship for all four years.

“My teammates here at Oxy have created awesome team atmosphere that made competitions away from campus so relaxed and fun. I couldn’t have done it without Captain Katie Park who helped bring out a competitive vibe within me, Hana Mizuno  who provided the Japanese perspective I’ve missed back home, and Ella Inman who made me laugh at every golf outing.”

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