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By Robert Balajadia

PXC 36 returned to the UOG Field House Friday night with some of the best fights in recent memory as the level of talent and competition continues to get better for the Guam fight fans.

Umatac’s Kyle Aguon avenged a 2011 unanimous decision loss to Jones. This time, the results were reversed as Aguon controlled the tempo throughout to take the big win.

The night also saw the first ever women’s MMA fight on Guam and the ladies did not disappoint one bit. Hawaii’s Kailan Curran looked like a veteran in her pro debut with crisp striking and a mature ground game over a very tough Kaiyana Rain from Los Angeles.

Former PXC heavyweight champion Roque Martinez made a successful return to the cage with a unanimous decision over Saipan’s top big man Mylo Lassiter.

Here is the breakdown from each fight:

Kyle Aguon def. Trevin Jones via unanimous decision

Kyle Aguon out-wrestled Trevin Jones all three rounds to win PXC 36's main event.  (photo by Andre Gadia)

Kyle Aguon out-wrestled Trevin Jones in all three rounds to win PXC 36’s main event. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Round 1: Aguon (10), Jones (9)
Round 2: Aguon (10), Jones (9)
Round 3: Aguon (10), Jones (9)

– a dominant showing from Kyle Aguon possibly granted him a shot at the PXC bantamweight title.  Aguon denied Jones from doing much the whole fight and dominated from the top positioning when he took Jones down.  Aguon avoided any damage from Jones in the stand-up and sprawled all but one take down in the third round.  The bad blood was erased momentarily when both fights greeted each other with positive gestures after the fight.

Aguon on the fight with Jones“I knew he was going to come out strong, like he did the first time but I know my wrestling is superior.  I knew he was going to try and take me down but I knew my wrestling was stronger so I used that to my advantage.

Aguon on beef with Jones: “We’re professionals so before the fight we do get the fans hyped up, make the people want to come watch the fight.  When it’s in the ring, it’s strictly professional and our mind is strictly on the fight and hopefully come out with a victory.”

Kailin Curran def. Kaiyana Rain via unanimous decision

Kailin Curran stole the show with her unanimous victory over Kaiyan Rain, becoming the first ever female to win in a PXC. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Kailin Curran stole the show with her unanimous decision victory over Kaiyan Rain, becoming the first ever female to win in a PXC. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Round 1: Curran (10), Rain (9)
Round 2: Curran (10), Rain (9)
Round 3: Curran (10), Rain (9)

– The first ever female fight in the PXC was won by the young Kailin Curran, defeating Kaiyana Rain.  The crowd welcomed both females to the octagon with loud cheers as the females let their fists fly early.  Curran was connecting with some dirty boxing on Rain in the first round which led to a Curran takedown that got the crowd off their feet.  The takedown, however, allowed Rain to score points nearly submitting Curran twice via arm bar.  The second round was almost a complete repeat of the first with Rain nearly getting Currran with another arm bar, but Curran managed to slip out and throw heavy hammer fists which bloodied Rain.  The third round was a complete stand-up battle where Curran landed more significant strikes winning via unanimous decision.

Curran on girls in MMA: “Apparently girls are stepping it up and I think girls can steal the show overall.”

Curran on nearly getting submitted: “Sometimes when I’m on the ground I forget and it slips my mind.  I moved to Gracie Technique to work on my ground game because it’s not where I want it to be.  I’m going to go back, regroup and work on my [jiu-jitsu]”

Josh Calvo def.  Johnavan Vistante via rear naked choke

Guam's Josh Calvo worked his ground game yet submitting another opponent, Johnavan Vistante, in front of his home crowd. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Guam’s Josh Calvo worked his ground game yet submitting another opponent, Johnavan Vistante, in front of his home crowd. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Round 1: Josh Calvo winner via rear naked choke.

– The much anticipated Josh Calvo made his first fight in front of his home crowd on Guam one to remember, slapping on a rear naked choke to Johnava Vistante nearing the end of the first round.  Calvo took down Vistante early and worked his way to full mount where he eventually took the back of Vistante.  Calvo flattened out Vistante, forcing him to submit via rear-naked.

Calvo on fighting at home: “I had a lot of pressure heading into this fight just because I’ve been real busy in Seattle fighting.  I know all the boys here and all the fighters and I just wanted to make a statement coming back.  I’m glad it’s all over and done with, now I can move forward.”

Calvo on significance of win: “I’ve fought some tough guys with big names and this is real special to me because I got to fight in front of my dad and all my family and just coming back home and putting on a show from my island, it was great.”

Roque Martinez def. Mylo Lassiter via unanimous decision

Roque made a successful return to the PXC octagon by defeating Mylo Lassiter via unanimous decision. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Roque Martinez made a successful return to the PXC octagon by defeating Mylo Lassiter via unanimous decision. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Round 1: Martinez (10), Lassiter (9)
Round 2: Martinez (10), Lassiter (9)
Round 3: Martinez (10), Lassiter (9)

– Crowd favorite Roque Martinez’ game plan was to have a stand-up exchange with Lassiter but the heavy weights often found themselves scuffling on the ground where Martinez had the edge.  Lassiter was looking to finish via kimora in all rounds but the steady ground game of Martinez allowed him to slip out of every attempt.  Lassiter appeared to hurt Martinez in the third round with knees from the clinch but Martinez took Lassiter to the ground to finish the fight via unanimous decision.  Both fighters appeared to have small cuts on the face but no significant damage was done during the stand-up.

Michinori Tanaka def. Caleb Vallotton via mounted triangle

Round 1: Vallatton (10), Tanaka (9)
Round 2: Tanaka winner via mounted triangle choke

– Michinori Tanaka gave up his back in the first and second round to Caleb Vallotton but a reversal from both positions put Tanaka on top, allowing him to work Vallotton into a triangle submission in the second round.  It appeared that Tanaka had sweat in his eye in the second round and upon wiping it, Vallotton took down Tanaka.  A quick reversal gave Tanaka the advantage setting in the choke, forcing Vallotton to tap.

Toby Misech def. Seon Hwan Jo via TKO referee stoppage

Round 1: Hwan Jo (10), Misech (9)
Round 2: Misech (10), Hwan Jo (9)
Round 3: Misech winner via TKO

– Toby Misech landed a vicious kidney shot on Hwan Jo that dropped him in the third round, allowing Misech to tee off from the top and force the referee to stop the fight.  A thunderous three-round battle that is in high contention for “fight of the night” honors got the PXC crowd roaring from start to finish.  Both fighters landed a flurry of punches in the first round with Hwan Jo getting the better of the exchange.  Misech put together lethal combinations that were landing to the chin of Hwan Jo, but the sturdy chin of Jo allowed him to push through.  The third round began with another fist flurry, but a leg kick to the kidney of Hwan Jo all but ended the fight.

Nate Thorell def, Robert Wusstig via unanimous decision 

PXCRound 1: Thorell (10), Wusstig (8)
Round 2: Thorell (10), Wusstig (9)
Round 3: Wusstig (10), Thorell (8)

– Nate Thorell’s first fight in the PXC was not a crowd pleaser but a dominant first round propelled Thorell to a unanimous decision win.  Thorell damaged Wusstig early in the first round with a takedown and vicious elbows that cut up the face of Wusstig.  The second round was a back-and-forth with Thorell and Wusstig each landing a tadkedown but Thorell was landing more significant strikes which gave him the round.  A questionable call in the second round was made when the referee brought both fighters to their feet when Wusstig had top position which allowed Thorell to score his takedown.  The last round was Wusstig’s best, giving Thorell a taste of his own medicine landing elbows from a dominant top position clearly winning the round but not enough to win the fight.

Koshi Matsumoto def. Tyrone Jones via rear naked choke

Round 1: Matsumoto winner via rear naked choke

– Tyrone Jones and Koshi Matsumoto were still sizing each other up in the beginning seconds of the fight when Jones took an awkward slip that allowed Matsumoto to land a quick right hook that dropped Jones.  Matsumoto quickly took control of the back of Jones slipping in a rear naked choke forcing Jones to tap.

Matsumoto after win: “I LOVE GUAM!”

Ian Dela Cuesta def. Ricky Camp via reverse triangle

Round 1: Camp (10), Dela Cuesta (9)
Round 2: Dela Cuesta winner via triangle choke

Ian Dela Cuesta took down up and coming star Ricky Camp with a second round reverse triangle.  (photo by Andre Gadia)

Ian Dela Cuesta took down up-and-coming star Ricky Camp with a second round reverse triangle. (photo by Andre Gadia)

– Ricky Camp and Ian Dela Cuesta exchanged leg kicks early with Camp winning a close round one.  The second round looked to be more of the same from Camp when he hurt Dela Cuesta with a big knee from the clinch until a takedown by Camp mid-round allowed Dela Cuesta to get control of the triangle.

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