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By Robert Balajadia

PXC 38 delivered as much excitement as did the fight card looked on paper.  Fan favorites like Frank “The Crank Camacho, Josh “Killa” Calvo, and Kyle Aguon were the main attraction.  All of whom were victorious in their bouts.  Special guest star, UFC referee “Big John” McCarthy, was well greeted by fans who opted for photos every chance they got.  McCarthy even got a special hug and kiss from Rambaa Samdet after he defeated Rabin Catalan in their anticipated Muay Thai showdown.

Up and coming fighters like Tyrone Jones, Josh Muna, and Hawaii’s Toby Misech all scored knockout wins that made them instant crowd favorites.  Kailin Curran proved that her debut win in PXC 36 was no fluke by outlasting Japan’s Emi Tomimatsu to improve to 2-0 in her MMA career.  Check out how all the fights went down:

Tyrone Jones def. Mikey Taitano – 3rd round KO

Tyrone Jones proved to have dangerous knock-out power. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Tyrone Jones proved to have dangerous knock-out power. (photo by Andre Gadia)

RD1: # Mikey approaches with leg kicks.  Mikey pins jones against cage. Jones hits Mikey in groin.  Fight stop.  Fight resumes and Jones goes with legs kicks.  Jones lands good combo followed by a knee that stumbles Mikey.  Jones pressing Mikey against cage and tries to work ground and pound.  Mikey bleeding from the nose after Jones flurry.  Jones pressing, scores takedown from behind, trying to flatten out Mikey.  Mikey transition to full guard while Jones works ground and pound.  Fighters stand up once again and this time Mikey the aggressor throwing a combination at Jones.  Fighters jockey for position against the cage and exchange shots.  Jones knees Mikey but Mikey shrugs it off.  Jones takedown Mikey late in round.

RD2: # Fighters exchange leg kicks.  Mikey and Jones locked in clinch with bother fighters exchanging knees.  Both fighters throwing heavy shots but missing.  Mikey knees Jones in clinch which brings Jones to his knee, never let go of clinch hold.  Jones responds by dragging Mikey with a takedown.  Fighters in full guard.  Jones and Mikey moving around on the ground but no fighter doing damage.  Mikey stands up but Jones drags him to the ground again, Jones on top. Jones moving to half guard trying to land shots from the top.

RD3: # Jones landing early leg kick.  Jones catching Mikey with a counter.  Jones lands uppercut and knee that drops Mikey against the cage.  Jones flies in with two solid punches to the unresponsive Mikey ending the fight.


Shane Alvarez def. Tony Reyes – Unanimous Decision

Shane Alvarez going for a head kick as Tony Reyes evades. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Shane Alvarez going for a head kick as Tony Reyes evades. (photo by Andre Gadia)

RD1: # Reyes working combination grazing Shane.  Shane lands solid shot to Reyes.  Both fighters pinned in the cage with Shane the aggressor.  Tony landing body kicks but Alavrez countering well.  Tony trying front kicks and both fighters exchange kicks.  Tony taking a kick to groin. Fight stop. Fight resumes with Alvarez dropping Tony with a straight right.  Tony responds with an up kick that catches Alvarez.  Both fighters standing.  Fighters exchange leg kicks with Alvarez landing combinations.  Tony throwing leg kicks and appears to be bleeding from the nose.  Alvarez landing leg kicks.  Fighters throwing jabs but not connecting.  Both fighters exchanging leg kicks.

RD2: # Both fighters exchange leg kicks.  Alvarez the aggressor and tags Reyes with a right over head.  Alvarez throwing shots but missing.  Alvarez tags Reyes but Reyes quick to block combination.  Reyes dodging Alvarez combinations.  Reyes dodging Alvarez haymakers.  Reyes gaining top position after a takedown.  Reyes holding top position and both fighters exchange light blows while jockeying for position.  Alvarez works himself up to the cage but round ends.

RD3: # Alvarez opens up with leg kicks.  Fighters exchange strikes and leg kicks.  Alvarez throwing flurry of punches and lands a shot but Reyes blocks.  Fighters are pinned to the cage and Reyes works a takedown. Alvarez breaks loose of Reyes hold and lands a reversal, Alvarez on top.  Alvarez trying to flatten out Reyes in half guard.  Alvarez trying to land shots from top position while Reyes tries to land shots from the bottom.  Fight ends with Alvarez on top and fighters exchange punches.


Josh Muna def. Ryan Toves – 2nd round TKO

Josh Muna getting a clean shot on -- before ending the fight with vicious elbows. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Josh Muna getting a clean shot on Ryan Toves before ending the fight with vicious elbows. (photo by Andre Gadia)

RD1: # Muna forces Toves to the cage.  Muna and Toves wrestle to the ground.  Toves grabs Muna from the back trying to slap on the choke.  Toves not letting go the head of Muna.  Muna trying to duck out of the choke with Toves still playing pressure.  Muna escapes the choke and is on top position of full guard.  Muna on top of half guard trying to transition out of it.  Muna and Toves continue to wrestle.  Muna standing up and throwing shots from the top.  Toves trying to get an arm bar but Muna excapes.  Fighters tangled on the cage to end the round.

RD2: # Muna opening round with leg kicks.  Muna misses with spinning kicks.  Muna and Toves throwing leg kicks.  Muna pushes Toves to the cage and then brings him down.  Toves takes tries to gain top position but Muna is able to stabilize and regain top position in half guard.  Muna landing some shots from atop the guard.  Muna drops flurry of elbows to the jaw of Toves that forces the referees stoppage.


Toby Misech def. Yusuke Yachi – 2nd round KO

Toby Misech

Toby Misech landing a counter that dropped Yusuke Yachi immediately, ending the fight. (photo by Andre Gadia)

RD1: # Toby opens with a leg kick that is countered with a short jab by Yachi.  Yachi throws leg kicks which is checked by Toby.  Yachi landing more leg kicks.  Toby going with the combination but Yachi blocks.  Yavhi clips Toby with a counter that appears to bloody the nose of Toby.  Both fighters exchange short jabs and leg kicks.  Tachi applies pressure to Toby which leads to short tangle at the cage.  Fighters size each other up with strikes and kicks ending the round.

RD2: # Yachi forces Toby to the cage but Toby escapes with both fighters continuing to strike.  Toby answering with counters and combinations.  Toby lands a counter as Yachi comes charging and follows with another stiff jab that drops Yachi to the mat ending the fight.


Rambaa Somdet def. Rabin Catalan – 1st round submission (rear-naked)

RD1: # Somdet calls Catalan to the middle.  fighters exchange kicks.  Rambaa gains top position on Rabin.  Rambaa taunting Rabin.  Rambaa dancing playfully.  Rabin catching Rambaa with a straight right.  Rambaa tripping Rabin and gains mounted position.  Rambaa getting the back of Rabin and landing blows.  Rambaa flattening out Rabin and slaps on the choke to end the fight.


Frank Camacho def. Koshi Matsumoto – 3rd round KO

Frank Camacho trying to shake off -- in the 3rd round. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Frank Camacho trying to shake off Koshi Matsumoto in the 3rd round. (photo by Andre Gadia)

RD1: # Fighters size each other up before Koshi dives for a takedown.  Frank sprawls the takedown and is pinned on the cage.  Koshi holding on the leg to Frank with both fighters pressed against the cage.  Frank throws knees in before both fighters are back to the cage again.  Frank landing clean combinations but Koshi quickly recovers and grabs Frank back to the cage.  Frank connecting on straight jabs.  Frank letting hands go while Koshi shoots in for another takedown.  Fighters revisit the cage with Koshi the aggressor.  Frank landing body shots to Koshi that gets appear to be doing damage.

RD2: # Frank receiving chants from the crowd.  Franks stuffs another Koshi takedown attempt as he pressed Koshi to the cage.  Frank tags Koshi with a straight jab.  Frank lands short exchange.  Frank breathing heavy but lands leg kicks.  Koshi pushes Frank to the cage but Frank responds with a knee combination.  Koshi landing straight jabs that bloody the nose of Frank.  Frank lands a combination that stumbles Koshi but Koshi counters by grabbing the leg of Frank and drags him down.  Koshi holding on to Franks leg to prevent any more damage ending the round.

RD3: # Frank landing shots on Koshi but Koshi defending well.  Frank drops Koshi with a combination but Koshi grabs the leg again to prevent any damage.  Frank chases Koshi to the ground and throws hammer fists.  Fighters get back to their feet and Frank throwing punches at Koshi.  Frank lands combination that drops Koshi ending the fight.


Josh Calvo def. Anthony Torres – Unanimous Decision

Josh Calvo getting instructions from his corner while Anthony Torres tries to defend. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Josh Calvo getting instructions from his corner while Anthony Torres tries to defend. (photo by Andre Gadia)

RD1: # Fighters sizing each other up.  Calvo lands a straight that stumbles Torres.  Calvo the aggressor.  Calvo pressing Torres against the cage but fighters separate and resume striking.  Calvo landing combinations but Torres escaping from damage.  Calvo landing leg kicks.  Calvo showing good leg kick combination.  Calvo gets Torres with a double-leg takedown.  Calvo throwing shots from the top.  Calvo reigning strikes on Torres but Torres escapes trouble.  Torres survives the flurry by Calvo ending the round.

RD2: # Calvo landing leg kicks which lead to another takedown by Calvo.  Torres trying to avoid strikes from Calvo on the ground.  Torres and Calvo exchanging shots while Calvo is on top of full guard.  Calvo throwing elbows to the chin of Torres.  Calvo applying pressure and transitions to full mount.  Torres holding on to Calvo trying to avoid damage.  Both fighters trying to advance while Calvo gets side control.  Torres stands up but is immediately taken to the ground again by Calvo.  Calvo out wrestles Torres to end the round.

RD3: # Torres opens up with a leg kick.  Calvo landing straight jabs that force Torres back.  Calvo whips Torres with a leg kick.  Calvo tags Torres with a hook.  Calvo using feints to open up the striking.  Torres blocking Calvo’s head kicks.  Torres response with a counter that catches Calvo.  Torres landing a combination.  Fight stopped to fix Calvo gloves’ tape.  Fight resumes. Torres beginning to bleed from the ear.  Fighters press against the cage for a moment.  Calvo beginning to slow down.  Fight stopped for groin kick. Fight resumes.  Calvo with a double-leg takedown.  Final seconds have both fighters scrambling late to end the round.


Kailin Curran def. Emi Tomimatsu – Unanimous decision

Kailin Curran scoring points with a leg kick on Emi Tomimatsu. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Kailin Curran scoring points with a leg kick on Emi Tomimatsu. (photo by Andre Gadia)

RD1: # Emi using leg kicks and reverses Curran’s takedown.  Curran scoring on leg kicks but Emi counters with a knee.  Emi pressing Curran against the cage using knees to damage legs.  Curran mixing up the striking with combinations but gets pressed to the cage by Emi.  Emi using a mixture of knees and straights to damage Curran.  Emi dodging Curran strikes as fighters go back to the cage.  Emi using knees in the clinch to the legs of Curran.  Curran using a judo throw to gain top position on Emi.  Curran stuffs Emi’s takedown as the round ends.

RD2: # Curran opens with leg kicks..  Emi getting clean combination to the face of Curran.  Emi the aggressor.  Curran and Emi exchanging blows Curran landing a combination but Emi escapes the flurry by grabbing Curran.  Both fighters revisit the cage with Curran the aggressor.  Curran lands a knee to Emi but no apparent damage done.  Both fighters battle for cage position.  Emi getting the better of the punching exchange.  Battle at the cage ends the round.

RD3: # Fighters size each other up.  Curran lands a knee before both fighters end up on the cage.  Emi trying to take down Curran but Curran sprawling.  Curran the aggressor.  Curran throwing flurry of punches but Emi escapes.  Emi tagging Curran with a few short jabs. Curran landing a good combination but Emi escapes and forces Curran to the cage.  Fighters exchange punches with both beginning to slow down.  Fight stops after fixing gloves.  Fighters stand and throw shots to end the round.


Kyle Aguon def. Russel Doan – Split decision

A bloody Kyle Aguon getting Russel Doane in a triangle but Doane was able to escape.  (photo by Andre Gadia)

A bloody Kyle Aguon getting Russel Doane in a triangle but Doane was able to escape. (photo by Andre Gadia)

RD1: # Fighters throwing kicks and punches early but nothing connecting.  Aguon counters Doane leg kick with combination.  Aguon shoots for a takedown but Doane sprawls.  Doane trying to choke out Aguon but he escapes.  Aguon now gains top position and mixes up the striking with elbows.  Aguon briefly stood up but charges back down to Doane on his back.  Doane meets Aguon on his feet as fighters go for a quick exchange.  Aguon sprawls a Doane takedown to end the round.

RD2: # Aguon misses with a head kick.  Fighters exchanging strikes.  Doane sprawling Aguon takedown and gets shots in before Aguon completes the takedown.  Aguon standing while Doane tries to land up kicks.  Fighters wrestle to the ground with Doane getting in strikes from the top.  Doane takes Agoun’s back and lands shots before transitioning to full guard.  Aguon using the cage to try and get a reversal.  Doane still in control of Aguon  and bloodies the forehead and ear of Aguon.  Doane mixes up strikes to end the round.

RD3: # Doane throwing combinations.  Aguon attempts a takedown but Doane sprawls.  Aguon working his jiu jitsu and holds on to Doane’s leg.  Doane attempts a spinning kick with the opposite leg that nearly lands.  Aguon gets top position and starts to reign strikes but Doane escapes and regains top position.  Doane not allowing Aguon to win the ground war and showing good takedown defense.  Aguon picks up Doane but not able to take him down.  Doane escapes Aguon’s hold Aguon slaps on a triangle choke but Doane does not tap.  Doane escapes the coke and has Aguon in full guard.  Doane controlling the top position as round ends.



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