📅19 August 2013
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By Michael Cruz

The PXC 38 was arguably the biggest card in UOG Field House history. The aftermath leaves many possibilities with PXC matchmakers. All the fighters on the card fought admirably. Let’s review how each fighter performed.

Tyrone Jones answered all questions by knocking out... (photo by Andre Gadia)

Tyrone Jones answered all questions by knocking out Mikey Taitano. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Tyrone Jones – My mistake picking Jones to lose a decision. Tyrone proved his all-around game taking out Taitano by KO. He kept the pressure coming throughout the fight. Jones took a solid knee in the second and responded taking Taitano down. Closed the show with nasty knee and uppercut combo. Grade-A. Next fight? How about a rematch with Matsumoto?

Mikey Taitano – He kept the fight competitive despite being controlled on the ground. He managed to stun Jones with a knee. Didn’t see the knee coming that finished him. This loss shouldn’t deter him long term. Grade-B. Next fight? How about Josh Muna?

Shane Alvarez – Only 19, ‘Pikaboo’ is a good prospect. He used great hand speed and controlled the fight standing up. Was taken down in second and did not allow Reyes to inflict any real damage. Reversed position in third round after being taken down. Stayed in half guard and closed with good ground strikes. Grade-B. Next fight? Shocker or Trevin Jones?

Tony Reyes – Always competitive, Reyes was on the receiving end of some heavy strikes in first round. Rebounded well with take down in second and full mount. Took Alvarez down but was reversed and outworked in last round. Grade-C.  Next fight? Mark Nuique?

Ryan Toves – Went for the rear naked choke in the first. He attempted submissions in the guard. Put in the crucificx and elbowed unconscious. Grade-C. Next fight? Unsure.

Josh Muna – Good performance despite the flu. Took his time stayed in the half guard and exploded on Muna. He is bull strong. Grade-B. Next fight? Mikey Taitano.

Toby Misech is moving up the rankings with his 2nd round knock out of Yachi. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Toby Misech is moving up the rankings with his 2nd round knock out of Yusuke Yachi. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Toby Misech – Recorded his second KO with a huge win over Yachi. A big win considering Yachi being a Shooto champion. Grade-A. Next fight? Shane Alvarez?

Yusuke Yachi – Was holding his own until getting taken out with one shot. Grade-C. Next fight? Unsure.

Rambaa Somdet – Better than advertised, Rambaa showed great stand up and took Catalan down. Finished him off with rear naked choke. Provided pure showmanship and ring generalship. An instant fan favorite! A showdown with PXC champ Ale Cali has the makings of the most entertaining fight in PXC history. Grade-A

Robin Catalan – This will be a good learning experience for Catalan. Came to fight just got outclassed. Needs to work on takedown defense. Grade-C

Frank Camacho – The Crank put on his best performance in PXC 38. His 12 week camp paid off as he showed no signs of fatigue. His takedown defense was superb, I think his knee only grazed the mat once during the whole fight. His power never faded, as shown in his one shot ko of Matsumoto in the third. Always humble and classy.  Grade-A. Next fight? Call me biased, but I think Harris Sarmiento is ripe for the taking.

Koshi Matsumoto – Showed tremendous heart and took a barrage of Camacho’s punches. His wrestling was just not effective enough for Camacho’s overall game as he was 0-for-6 in takedown attempts. Don’t know why he kept trying the takedown. Grade-C. Next fight? Tyrone Jones?

Josh Calvo battled through a broken hand to take down the UFC veteran Anthony Torres. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Josh Calvo battled through a broken hand to take down the UFC veteran Anthony Torres. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Josh Calvo
– Probably put on the most dominating performance despite breaking his hand. The crowd didn’t know it until Josh announced it after the game. Could’ve been the first shot that rocked Torres early in the fight. Torres had no answers for Calvo’s wrestling. Calvo has dominated his last two opponents, ground and pounding at will. Ready for title shot if Lim Hyun Gyu returns from UFC. Grade-A. Next fight- Damarquez Johnson.

Anthony Torres – I credit Torres for going the distance with Calvo after being inactive for over five years. He was just overwhelmed by Calvo’s wrestling. His skill set allowed him to finish the fight without being stopped. Torres is a pioneer being the first Chamorro fighter in the UFC. I remember him fighting Lee Cuomo on TUF, beating Pat Healy, and his loss against Jess Liaudin. He has nothing left to prove. Grade-C.

Kailan Curran – A great performance for Curran who beat a very solid veteran. Curran used great stand up throughout and even used great wrestling in taking her opponent down. Won every round in my opinion. Grade-A.

Emi Tomimatsu – Was outworked by a better stand up fighter. Did not really get a chance and was stuffed on her takedown attempts. Showed good jiu-jitsu on the ground and transitioned out of being submitted. A good overall effort. Grade-B.

Russel Doane did not get the win but still impressed in the split decision loss to Kyle Aguon. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Russel Doane did not get the win but still impressed in the split decision loss to Kyle Aguon. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Russell Doane – I felt Doane won this fight. That being said Doane put on a great show and should get the winner of Aguon vs Tanaka in 2014. Doane showed great resolve coming back and winning the second round. He cut Aguon with elbows in the second. The last round was so close and could of gone either way. I just saw Doane doing a little more than Aguon in the end. Grade-A. Next fight?-Jon Delos Reyes or Shocker?

Kyle Aguon – Aguon dominated the first round with his wrestling. I think the cut affected him in the second and he looked tired. He got his second wind and applied a triangle attempt on Doane in the third. Somehow, Doane escaped it. The fight of the night! Grade-A. Next fight- Tanaka for the belt.

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